Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Toggle Coats

Someone give me some galoshes, slap a wide-brimmed hat on me, and call me Paddington Bear.  You guys have no idea how long I have wanted a toggle coat like Paddington.  I even talked about it in a post two years ago, so I mean serious business.  We are witnessing a life-long dream fulfilled here!  Like I've said before, I dream big, peoples.  I dream big.

I'm not sure if it's only because I associate them with Paddington Bear or what, but I think toggle coats are so darn cute.  And just when I thought they couldn't get any cuter, Target comes out with a yellow one (and a red and a black one) that is absolutely adorable!  

I'm not even gonna ask you what you think about toggle coats because you basically can't argue with Paddington Bear.  Know what I'm sayin'?

Below are a bunch of great options, and I tried to show the other colors they come in.  Option 3 is supposed to be dark olive though it looks weird in that pic.  Options 5 & 6 are from a UK store with free worldwide delivery over a certain amount.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five  |  six

Shop for the Look:
Sweater: c/o SheInside (exact, similar, similar)
Coat: c/o SheInside (exactsimilar, similar)
Jeans: Target (similar, similar)
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita via Macy's (similarsimilarsimilar)


  1. the question is - are you ever going to be able to wear said coat with this san diego weather??!??! cute outfit :)

  2. Beth @ Turn2theSimpleTuesday, November 19, 2013

    Love my toggle sweatshirt...actually wearing it right now! And better yet, I got it at a thrift store for $2!

  3. These toggle coats are adorable, I love the yellow one!

    <3 Vicki

  4. Haha! It finally cooled down to below 70 bahaha. But it's cold at night with the ocean breeze! ;)

  5. Super cute coat and you are adorable!
    I just recently discovered your blog and it's quickly become a favorite. I love that you mention God and your husband in your mini-bio, I love your positive outlook and the way you put things together and love that you choose things that real people can afford!

  6. I think you just convinced me to head over to Target this afternoon (not that it takes me much convincing to get me to go to Target!)

  7. Ok, Aud - question for ya: I've been meaning to get a navy coat, one that can go either casual or formal, depending on where I go. I was thinking pea coat because it's more classic but I can't find the perfect one. Would a toggle work? The Target one seems acceptable. Or is that settling? What should I dooooo? <---insert annoying whine here


    P.S. The coat I'm wearing today is functional but I got it size too small and it can't button over the ladies, especially when I'm layering, so I need a roomier coat. But I live in So. Cal. too, so it doesn't need to be wool...

    M @ http://www.myclosetcatalogue.com

  8. Love the coat on you!

    xo - Sheila

  9. Do you size up on sheinside.com? I bought a few shirts, but they are TINY!

  10. I really like this type of jacekt as well, but haven't found one that I really liked in the stores :) When I was young, I watched Paddington Bear A LOT too, haha.

  11. It depends on the piece. I go by their measurements for each garment, and some run really small while others run true to size. Like, I got a polka dot shirt there in XL and a striped shirt in L but two other jackets in Small and Medium. If one of the measurements fits my bust exactly then I will size up for sure.

  12. I definitely agree with you that you can't go wrong with a peacoat. As for a toggle coat I think it depends on the tailoring of the coat more than the buttons themselves. Like, I could imagine a coat like #5 being great for more formal wear, especially in the luxe burgundy color. But the one I'm wearing probably won't be as fitting for formal wear since it's a little baggy and less tailored.

    As for the Target one...I have no idea. Seems kind of in the middle, and I think it depends on how it fits you. It also depends if you mean like forreal formal or SoCal "formal", if you know what I mean, haha. If it's the latter, then I think Target's navy one would be a good candidate!

  13. If you're looking for me, I'll be at Target trying on coats! :)

  14. Hi Audrey,

    I notice you order quite a bit from SheInside. I want to but I am "scare" since they are base in China. Do you have any problem with them? How long is their shipping? Thanks!

    I am hosting a giveway (JAX headphones) for those who are interested.


  15. I love Toggle coats! I picked up one from a crazy sale at F21 last year for like 6 dollars. Unbelievable. Thanks for the round up Audrey!

    I have a quick favor to ask you. I'm in a style contest this month and would love your support.

    Can you vote for Sabrina Here!

    Thanks girlfriend,

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  16. Love this! Thanks for the inspiration on how to style a winter coat!



  17. You look so great in a toggle coat! I love them too!
    Sincerely, Sara

  18. That coat is super cute on you!

  19. Love toggle buttons! I made the same comment to my husband when I bought one, but he didn't know who Paddington was. Seriously, who doesn't know Paddington? I NEED that yellow one. Okay, need is a strong word....

  20. I've received about 5 shipments from them, 3 of which were courtesy of SheInside (aka free for me) and 2 of which I paid for myself. While I have read lots of mixed reviews about shipping and customer service, I personally haven't had problems with any of my orders so far. Shipping takes LONG, and I think all of that information is on their site. I have not needed to do any returns with them, and I try to keep it that way because I imagine it would be a PAIN. If you have any hesitations, I'd just say read their site thoroughly and know what you're getting into before purchasing.

  21. Ahh, I so want a toggle coat. I'm obsessed with them this year.

  22. I am so obsessed with toggles. Can't get enough. I got a black toggle coat almost two years ago and it's sooo warm... I don't think I'll be able to wear it around here very often, though!

  23. I adore Paddington Bear! These coats are so lovely, especially the details on #5!


  24. Definitely SoCal formal, so I may just give that Target coat a try. Then again, I've been eyeing this beaut from F21: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?br=f21&Category=promo-jackets-and-coats&ProductID=2000050407&VariantID=034

    Hate to drag you into my madness, but any thoughts on one versus the other?

  25. Oh man, I think the Forever 21 is definitely more formal and would serve your purposes. You could wear it casually, out to dinner, to work, and to a wedding without question (as long as it fits you well).

  26. I have got to get me some olive skinnies ASAP! BTW, I love the image insets showing the different color options.

  27. So cute! I love that yellow one, too. I'm glad you are realizing one of your "dreams." : )

  28. I like the toggles add some interest to the coat! You look great!


  29. yay, paddington bear! i got my sister a red paddington bear rain hat one year, but she did not have the toggle coat to complete the ensemble!

    dash dot dotty

  30. How cute! What are those kinds of hats called anyway?

  31. Your sweater is perfect! I love the stripes. Your coat is functional and cute. I hate doing up a dozen buttons in the cold. Toggles are much easier.

  32. Dang, you are too cute! I love that you've wanted a Paddington Bear coat for so long! When I was little, I was absolutely obsessed with Paddington and had lots of books, stuffed animals, etc. with Paddington all over them. I think there's something so charming and darling about toggle coats. Yours is so cute, and I love the mustard version you put in the post as well!

  33. I want to chime in that when I ordered, I didn't get a necklace I had purchased, and one shirt was too small. They have a chat feature, and within minutes they were shipping a new necklace and shirt. They gave me the option to send the shirt back (they have both an American and China warehouse), or to just pay an additional $10 for a new shirt (that was $25 originally) and keep the one that was too small. I opted to keep the too small shirt and pay $10, and both my new shirt and necklace arrived about a week later (original shipment took like, 3 weeks?). Customer Service was great!


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