Saturday, November 30, 2013

THREE win t-shirt bundles from Meant4More Apparel & spread a fantastic message!

Meant4More Apparel is a clothing company with a fantastic message and purpose.  It was founded on the deep belief that every life has an impact and that we each exist for something more.  Whether it be in academics, athletics, spirituality, or our personal lives, Meant4More was born to serve as a reminder that each of our lives and all that we do has a meaning and a purpose.

A couple of the Meant4More staff have gone through experiences where either their friend tragically took own life or they themselves wanted to take their own life because they didn't think there was more to live for.  And every one of the staff has a huge passion to spread the message that your life has a value and is meant to have an impact.

Not only is Meant4More's message meaningful, they also donate 10% of their gross profits to organizations that make impacts in the lives of others, such as: Facess, The Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Fresh Lifelines for Youth.

This week THREE winners will receive t-shirt bundles of your choice: a) 3 shirts of your choice, b) 2 shirts of your choice, c) 1 t-shirt of your choice.

Meant4More also has men's clothing, so winning these would be a great opportunity to get gifts for some people you know!  

Open to US and Canada.  Winners are asked to post a pic of themselves in the shirt on Instagram with hashtags #peoplematter and #everyonematters


  1. thank you for the opportunity to win

  2. Fantastic! I love it when you can purchase something and it goes towards a greater good.

  3. I lost a friend to suicide three years ago. It was hard so I can relate to the founders of this company.

  4. Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry to hear that, Shannon. I hope you have been able to find peace, hope, and strength since then.

  5. I have. I actually participated in the Overnight walk with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in San Francisco in 2011. We walked 16.8 Miles that night! It gave me hope that I can do anything. Thank you for your response


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