Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holiday Gift Guides: Sparkle & Shine

Time for another Holiday Gift Guide!

Like I mentioned last time, when I think of gifts for people I try to think of things they like to do and build little packages around that idea.  This week I was thinking of those friends who like sparkly, shiny, and shimmery things, except I didn't just want to buy them shimmery nail polish.  (What I would probably default to in a rush.)  I was looking for some alternatives and found some items that I think would be fun to give as the gift of sparkle and shine!

As a heads up, some of the gift guides feature items from shops that I've teamed up with.  Please know that I'm only featuring shops that I have personally asked, and they were shops that I was actually shopping from for gift ideas.  

1.  iPhone Cases (solid, striped).  I really love the Kate Spade phone cases but can never justify getting one for myself.  As a gift, though?  I'll take it!  And heads up, if your friend isn't into stripes, the solid ones are on sale at Neiman Marcus through Thursday.  

2.  Metallic Dot Headwrap.  At first I thought this was a scarf, which would have been excellent, but it's actually a headwrap.  That kinda makes me like it even more!  Seeing as how it's on sale right now for only $7.50, it would make a great addition to a gift set with some other smaller items.  

3.  Watches.  Watches can vary in all sorts of price ranges and significance, so it can either be a stand-alone gift, or if you go on the cheaper end, you can combine it in a gift set with other things.  Always an excellent option, whether it's shiny or not.

4.  Glitter Graphic Tee.  Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but "LOVE" is covered in glitter.  This would be so cute under a black blazer with jeans and colored pumps, or with a grey blazer and white jeans.  Or pair it with a skirt and a denim jacket.  What's great about it is that the glitter adds a special dimension for added interest and allows you to dress it up or down!  Or, I mean...your friend who you're giving this to can dress it up or down...err...

5.  Chain & Leather Jewelry by Calypte Collection.  Not all shiny things have to be super girly!  Calypte Collection has a ton of unique, handmade chain jewelry that can a tough yet chic touch all at the same time.  A perfect example would be the gunmetal chain bracelet.  Or the silver chain with the pretty green stone or necklace with blue crystal beads if you want to add a touch of color.  I have the leather braided necklace and get a TON of compliments whenever I wear it!  As someone who's not ultra girly, I personally love these options!

6.  Glitter Notebooks.  Try some schnazzy little notebooks from J.Crew Factory for a very practical but sparkly gift!  

7.  Burgundy Crossbody Bag.  While this bag isn't really shiny or sparkly, it's a nice luxurious color.  Burgundy and gold?  Um, YES.  Love it!  And of course...Target.  I love that it's from target.  That place never lets you down.  

What are other gifts you could get someone along the lines of sparkle and shine? 


  1. My daughter would love that metallic hair wrap!! American Eagle has some great items right now. I love the handbag! I am in the process of making a list for my husband and I think I may add that!! Thanks! As for your hair post yesterday...I am growing my hair out too. Mine is not nearly as beautiful as yours, so I am going to get a cut today. I love your hair at the length it is now. But I think you could pull of anything! Good luck! Susan

  2. Shoegal Out In The WorldWednesday, November 06, 2013

    Great gift guide... I have just started making my gift list & I definitely need some inspiration for a few of the presents I want to get...

    Have a great day!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World


  3. Umm, yeah, I think Santa should give me that LOVE tee!!

  4. I LOVE this post! Can glitter be considered my favorite color? How about pink glitter?


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