Monday, October 14, 2013

Faking Fall with Accessories

A while back I told you neutral colors and bare arms was one way I faked fall even when it's still 75-80 degrees.  Well, little trick numero dos is fall accessories.  You see, this dress, necklace, and denim jacket is an outfit I would wear in the spring or summer too.  (Because let's face it--San Diego is the same temp year round.)  But to make it feel more appropriate for October I paired it with some fall fixings.  In the spring I would have chosen wedges or sandals, but I went with booties instead.  A satchel is also a favorite of mine in the fall, and when combined with booties it helps me feel a little more season-appropriate, even if the temperature doesn't match!

What fall accessories are you enjoying lately?

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Dress: Target (similar, similar, similar)
Jacket: Target (exact)
Shoes: Target (very similar, similarsimilar)
Bag: Target (exact)
Necklace: c/o That's Mine Boutique (exact)


  1. Love the accessories! I've been complaining since I moved back to LA that it's october and it's still in the 80s! I want to wear my scarves and boots! I guess that forces us to be more creative dressing for fall in 70-80 degrees, right?

  2. You have a great eye for nice looking bags at Target. I love that cognac satchel and I agree that it's a great way to add insta-fall to an outfit.

  3. Im in love with booties this fall, love that bag its perfect for fall


  4. i have been wearing my navy, hunter green and cognac to pretend it's fall. i even wore my favorite plaid shirt the other day over a dress (but had to take it off when outside because it's so freaking hot).

  5. I love that bag! I almost bought one. Your booties totally make your outfit very "fall." I wish I lived in sunny Cali!

  6. Brilliant idea to fake it with accessories! I'm forced to do the same in Texas...although I've been trying to force it with the fall clothes. I just love layers... :)

  7. Ankle boots are always great for cooler weather! :)

    Away From The Blue

  8. I really like your booties! I just bought a pair a few weeks ago that look freakishly similar to pair #4 above that I love but wish I had held out for the cute dip in the front. Love them with your dress and denim jacket!

    Exploring My Style

  9. I love booties on other people, but on me I feel like they make my feed look like giant clodhoppers at the end of sticks (at least when I wear them with skirts). But the ones that dip down in front might help with that. Hmm...

  10. Tights! It's already freezing here in the mornings. Would love to see what color tights you'd wear with your outfits if it were colder, because it's way below my bare-legs temperature limit of 60 degrees and I struggle to figure out what tights and shoes to wear with my skirts and dresses.

  11. Love this outfit! The booties are cute, love the color. Navy is a go to color for me this fall!


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