Monday, September 30, 2013

Short survey on giveaways and featured posts. Help a sister out!

Hey guys, help a sister out.

I've been contacted by a number of different companies that are not within the typical product scope or price range of what I feature here, but I wanted to hear your thoughts.

1. Non-clothing, non-accessory related giveaways

I've gotten a few inquiries for giveaways from non-clothing, non-accessory companies.  I usually turn them down, but since I have another handful of non-style related inquiries I wanted your opinion.  Because...what if my assumptions are wrong about you guys not wanting them, and what if you actually DO want them?  Just thought I'd ask.

Please hear me very carefully: I am not planning to change the content or course or focus of this blog or the rhythm of how and what I post.  I am basically just asking about the Sunday giveaways and maybe an occasional sponsored post on things not style-related.

2.  Higher priced clothing companies

Secondly, sometimes well-known clothing companies contact me wanting to collaborate but I turn them down because their price point is higher than the usual $50 average limit I work with here.  But, I realize that not ALL of us here hesitate about a $78 or $289 price tag for a shirt like I do.

Would you be interested in OCCASIONAL featured clothing posts that offer deals but are still in a higher price range?  (Key word is occasional.  Again, don't worry, I'm still a budget shopper at heart and I know the majority of you appreciate that items here are under $50.  I hear ya, so relax.  Most of the regular content on here will stay in the $50 and under category.  Just trying to get a feel for how many here don't shop within that limit.)  

I don't want to just say YES to companies so that I can earn more.  I'm committed to bringing you guys giveaways and introductions to companies that I hope will interest you.  Sometimes I take risks that may or may not end up being good.  If they don't jive well with you I learn from them.  Other times I will say no to things that maybe you guys would actually like, which is why I'm asking for your feedback.  I don't want to hold back good things from you either!  :)

Thanks in advance for filling out the survey to help me know how to make this blog better for you.

See my Disclosure page for policies on sponsored posts and stuff like that.  Link is always at the bottom of the blog.


  1. I LOVE that you wanted to know our opinions about this! I don't mind seeing non clothing and accessory related content as long as it's a product you have or would actually use. Be real and let us know if it bothers you or has a weird scent or something. I've won lotion and candles from blogs so I love this idea. PErsonally, I adore that you shop under $50.00. However like you said, not every one else hesitates to buy $80 shirts, etc. I myself did one with eShakti, and though they are pricier than I usually pay for anything, I found them totally worth the price tag! ($00 isn't bad for a custom-fitted dress either!) You're a great blogger and this shows how much you really care about your followers.

  2. I wouldn't mind more expensive items as long as it's stuff that's heavy duty and gets a lot of wear like, blazers, dresses, stuff like that. Blouses and jeans, not so much.

    I really don't do the giveaways, I'm a lurker, really, so I don't mind at all.

  3. Your blog is very inspiring and offers many wonderful insights into putting outfits together but I have no interest in any kind of giveaways and deals, even if it's fashion related.

    I would spend on higher-priced clothing as long as they are classic and well made.

  4. I still read fashion blogs that put higher priced pieces in their outfits even though I think anything above 20 for a tee shirt is ridiculous. That being said, I mostly visit to be inspired, not to copy the outfits I see. If its something you would wear then rock it!! Good for you!

  5. I think once you stay true to yourself and you're talking about things that interest you and that you enjoy & would recommend, you can't go wrong! Everyone loves your blog so much, I'm such added features will just enhance it!!

  6. Audrey, it's very kind that you bothered to ask. I don't think giveaways and ads hurt, in moderation. Go with your gut!

  7. The theme of the blog has to do with personal appearance so beauty and hair products are relevant. Collaborations with different types of companies (travel, grocery, crafts) might take the blog into more of a lifestyle direction.

    I appreciate that this blog is straight-up personal style and that it doesn't have pictures of food from Instagram or a series about "my vacation to Ibiza, darlings!" etc (yes, I am bitter). But I think you're too down-to-earth for that kind of stuff.

    I like budget style but I will also make room in my budget for pieces under $150 that I think are worth it, like Tonya said in another comment.

    It's your blog!

  8. However, this is your blog. I will not tell you what you should post. That's for you and you alone to decide.

  9. Thank you for asking! Definitely appreciate your blog and love the things you post.

    I don't mind giveaways if they aren't related to style - everyone loves to win something!

  10. I agree! I like how this blog feels personal and particular and not promotional and too general, if that makes sense. You feel so real.

    I like coming here to see how you mix and remix your wardrobe pieces. I hope that doesn't change much.

  11. Thanks, ladies!

    Just so we are all clear here, I am not planning on changing the direction of the blog or the content. That's not at all what I'm asking about. I am simply asking if people would want giveaways that don't only have to do with style or if I should continue turning them down like I have been in the past. That's all. I appreciate hearing what you enjoy about the blog though. :)

  12. I would not mind the occasional higher priced item, but would like you to have the really good deals too. Non-fashion/beauty related information would make this blog like so many others, and I like the style and "personal" feel yours has. I hope you will have some plus-sized items as well 14x-16x

  13. Thanks, Audrey, for asking our opinion! I really appreciate your showing great style while keeping your budget low; that's one thing that makes this blog so unique and valuable. Not everyone can spend lots of money every season on clothes, and you show us that looking cute and stylish can be achieved within a small budget. I especially like how you talk about buying clothing wisely by being disciplined and not making quick decisions. You show us that watching your pennies is nothing to be ashamed about, but is instead a smarter way to build a great wardrobe. Thank you so much for that!

    Having said all that, I think that featuring an occasional item at a higher price would be fine, since I assume that you'd give your opinion on why the item could be a worthwhile purchase.

    I don't have an opinion on the giveaways, but if they help you to continue the great work you do here, then I'm fine with any category that you choose.

  14. I echo many of the other comments. If there is a product you use or would use, I don't think it would be a problem to have a giveaway or sponsored post that was non-style related. Certainly beauty or hair I think fits well with your blog's content. But I have seen some sponsored posts elsewhere that seemed really forced or from left field. Those do not do anything for the blog or the sponsor, I think. As for the price point, I think an occasional higher item would be ok. Personally, I have a very hard time spending more than $30 on any one item for most things, with some exceptions, so those likely wouldn't be of great interest to me, but everyone's different. Thanks again for all the work you put into this blog! It's helped this jeans and t shirt gal to step out a bit! :)

  15. Haha! I dislike the random yogurt-on-style-blog thing too. Rest assured that I was not planning on doing that at all. I'm not even really talking about sponsored posts anyway. Just giveaways, like for trips or services, and specifically ones that seem cool enough that I would actually like to win myself! And of course I wouldn't stop posting outfits and style tips! I know who I am and why I started this blog, and that's not changing. :)

  16. Thank you for asking what we would like to see. I found your blog from outfit posts dot com and have loved it ever since! I think your POV is very good for me. High Style on a Low Budget. That is the my main reason for following this blog. I do see beauty/make-up products because it makes since to complete the whole look. I would love for you to do a blog on color choices for different skin tones (I am african-american and find it difficult to find that kind of stuff for people like me). I think talking about hair and makeup would be great.

    Thanks again for the giving us a voice.

  17. Thanks for asking opinions! I love this blog because I feel like I can actually afford the pieces. I can go to any blog or fashion magazine and see things I can't afford, but honestly this is one of the few sites out there that caters to small budget. Sometimes my first thought when seeing something in a magazine is to check out your site and see if you have found something similar for cheaper. Please keep the focus on low-cost items!

  18. Thanks for asking our opinion, Audrey! I love your blog and how authentic it feels compared to so many others. That being said, I think if you were excited about a particular giveaway I would probably like to hear about it too!

    About the higher-priced stores, I actually wouldn't mind seeing occasional other options. I am a budget shopper but still shop primarily at places like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor / LOFT, and even J Crew or Anthropologie, because they offer much more quality options for petites than someplace like Target, H&M, or Forever 21. Target isn't a "budget" shop for me when I have to pay for alterations to get sleeves shortened and hems taken up on a basic t-shirt in order to not look like I'm drowning in fabric. At the slightly more expensive stores, I just have to work harder and have more patience to buy things within my budget. For example, I would never spend more than $50 on a blazer, but I managed to buy a beautifully tailored one from Banana Republic for $40 (orig $140) and another more funky one from Anthropologie for just $8 (orig $130)! So I would love to see some offers for mid-range stores, especially those that offer special sizes like petites, but not really "designer" places that never go on sale enough to fall under the $50-per-item range no matter how long you wait.


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