Thursday, August 1, 2013

Black, White, Cognac, Stripes

(this outfit is all black and white, not navy)

Did you guys have fun with the One Piece Many Ways challenge?  I love all the inspiration that's there!  Whether you linked up your own remix or whether you browsed through the links, thanks for participating.  More participants are still rolling in so check back to that post once in a while to see the new faces that have popped up.  What do you think, do a One Piece Many Ways link up more often?

So, about this outfit.  Jersey pencil skirts are the best.  I think I hesitate to get jersey pencil skirts because I worry they won't look legit or something, but there are some out there, like this one, made of a thick jersey material.  And those.are.awesome.  I wish I could link you to the one I'm wearing but it sold out on clearance.  Also, even though I fear all neutral outfits, I found that I'm really on board with black and white with cognac.  But then again, I think I love anything with cognac.  And stripes.  Can I get an amen?

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three  |  four
five  |  six  |  seven  |  eight

Shop for the Look:
Tee: Forever 21 (exact)
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar, similar, similar)
Skirt: Lord & Taylor (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Target (exact)
Necklace: c/o Outfit Additions


  1. I absolutely love your striped skirt! I already feel like the majority of my wardrobe is composed of striped items but I just might need to add a striped pencil skirt :) I have a quick question for you...do you have any tips for wearing shirts partly tucked...technique? Only with certain tops? Only with certain bottoms? When I try it always looks like my shirt is accidentally coming untucked. Thanks and have a great Thursday!


  2. I really love this. I don't have a striped pencil skirt, but I do have a striped fluffy skirt. And no cognac, but I do have a cream leather jacket. When the skirt comes back from the dry cleaner, I'm gonna try it out. Fun! I never would have though of that by myself!

    Thanks again!

  3. I am really loving that jacket on you...and it is perfect with the striped skirt!

  4. Cognac, black and white! Total classic!! and the tee and skirt stand so well on their own even without the coat. This is a perfect summer office look. Easy, comfy and put together... i think I may have to track down a jersey pencil skirt!

  5. I wish I could try this look! I worry about pencil skirts sometimes. They tend to accentuate certain *ahem* "assets" lol. I do like the sleek line they create. Any tips on how to get the best of both worlds?

  6. i am wearing a similar skirt today haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. Amen! A cognac leather jacket is on my fall wish list, so thanks for the links!

  8. Love the stripes and dark top. <3

    The one piece many ways linkup was great - loved seeing what everyone came up with!

  9. loved the linkup, it was so much fun to see what people chose to use for their many ways looks.

  10. All of these are so adorable...perfect for casual office wear! I may be investing in a new staple piece soon!


  11. Haha! I actually have that problem too. For you, is it just the rear end or is it the hips too? I have wider hips so pencil skirts that are too clingy are bad all around--hips and rear. I go for pencil skirts that, while hugging my hips, come away from my knees so as not to emphasize my hips. Like, numbers 4 and 6 below might be bad for me because of how much they taper and curve in at the knees, but something like 5 doesn't taper at the knees
    quite as much.

  12. love cognac with stripes! cognac is one of the best colors!

  13. I love this outfit! Simple, yet so chic.

  14. This is a super look for you! A cognac leather jacket is on my fall wish list (for like the third year in a row).

  15. I have this skirt and I have yet to wear it! You look great in it! Thanks for the inspiration! Susan

  16. Hey,
    beautiful pictures and sweet skirts! :)


  17. I loved the remix!!! I pulled out my floral skirt and made 6 different outfits!!!

  18. I am not "your normal" reader...I'm 51 years old and in the past 6 months been trying to "remix" my wardrobe. Since most of my life my clothes have been a "one trick pony". I love your ideas and clothes. Some are a little young for me, but I can take those ideas use the pieces I have. Thanks!

  19. Definitely both! Feeling more confident, though, about giving pencil skirts try after reading your two cents about it. :)

  20. simple & chic! I love striped skirts & just pinned this to my "closet staples" board! Keep up the fabulous work pretty lady!


  21. Kate Styled PrettyThursday, August 01, 2013

    I adore anything with stripes! So cute!

    xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty


  22. I LOVE that cognac jacket! Looks great with the striped skirt, for sure.
    Coincidentally, I just bought the jacket that coordinates with the first skirt at Target. Maybe I'll try flipping this outfit with a black skirt and some cognac accessories.

  23. I loved the link-up!! So much fun!

  24. Amen! I wore a black tee and striped skirt on an airplane recently, and I was so comfortable, and felt so chic. I had a denim jacket since I don't have a cognac jacket. Every time I see this cognac jacket, I get a case of the "must. have. now."s.

  25. HappinessatmidlifeThursday, August 01, 2013

    I am a huge fan of heavy knit skirts. I am so glad now that they make them with a heavier knit and not showing any VPL.


  26. Audrey, I just found your blog and I absolutely love it! You have the kind of style I've been trying to get for years. I love that so many of your pieces are from Target, or at least reasonably priced, especially since I'll be going to college in a year and I'm already on a budget even under my parents' roof. Your style is applicable to women of all ages, which is wonderful, and so easily accessible because of the price range. Just wanted to say thanks for providing me with more than just inspiration to lust after!

  27. Black, white, cognac, and stripes = yes, yes, yes, and yes. Such a good mix of neutrals - still so interesting! (And yes, I did love the link up and would definitely do again!)

  28. I have a similar fall-back outfit for fall except with black pants and a striped top. Way to go :)
    Never thought of layering a necklace on top of the stripes though, What do you think?

  29. I don't have any strippy skirt because I think I look too short for it. You look amazingin it and I really like your jacket too! :D

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

  30. thewheelchairmommyFriday, August 02, 2013

    I have an almost exact jacket .. LOVE it.

  31. I've seen so many bloggers styled b&w striped skirts, and I really want one. Love this outfit, the colors are great together.

  32. Black and white stripes with cognac is such a great combo!


  33. Love black and cognac together! :) I think stripes are an amazing neutral that go with everything too :)

    Away From Blue

  34. I love skirts like these, and I love black and cognac together even more! This is a great outfit, Audrey. I want to find a leather (or fake leather) jacket like yours - I love all the ways you have worn yours. Also, I am ALL ABOUT a regular One Piece, Many Ways linkup!! I loved it and found some awesome new blogs through this past one :)


  35. I'm glad you clarified, because that outfit really looks navy to me! Love that gorgeous jacket, too. I can't believe it's from F21! It looks like the new cognac leather jacket at BR for fall. Great find! Love your blog :)

  36. I love the striped skirts...they don't like me so much :( I've tried a couple of different widths and sigh, after a c/s the horizontal stripes are just not flattering. I do have a diagonally striped skirt that I love. It's from a few years ago and I wish I could find another that's long enough.


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