Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Ways to Wear a Blue Blazer

In light of the next One Piece Many Ways linkup happening in a couple of weeks I thought I'd get the gears churning with another recap/remix.  Since I've been into cobalt lately, here's a recap of how I've worn my blue blazer.

I fell totally in love with this blazer from H&M the minute I saw it.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get a lot of use out of it, but so far I have not regretted it!

For full-size pics of each image and a little more about each outfit head over to Tara's blog at Mix Match Fashion!  I'm blog-sitting for her today, so head on over and check out her fantastically colorful professional attire.

Outfit #1:
Dress: Old Navy (similar)
Blazer: H&M (similarsimilar)
Tote: eBags.com (exact)
Wedges: Target (similar)

Outfit #2:
Top: Target (similar)
Blazer: H&M (similarsimilar)
Shorts: LOFT
Bracelet: c/o Tryst Jewellery (exact)
Clutch: DSW (exact)
Wedges: Target (similar)

Outfit #3:
Top: Forever 21 (similarsimilar)
Blazer: H&M (similarsimilar)
Jeans: Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Target (exactsimilar)

Do you own a colored blazer?  Also, I'm always looking for new ways to wear my pieces, so if you have anymore ideas on how to wear the blue blazer let me know!   


  1. Outfit 1 is my fav! I love the yellow and cobalt blue combo..:)

  2. I love the blazer with shorts! Super cute! I am searching for the best blazer for me. I am not sure if I should get a color or a neutral. Maybe both;) Susan

  3. So great with the burgundy necklace, which makes me think there are many possibilities for bringing that one into fall! I've still been wearing my coral one lots with white jeans, dresses, patterned pants, patterned blouses - but I can't quite see how to make the bright coral work for fall. Back to my navy blazer for a while then, I think :)

  4. Marcela HernandezFriday, August 23, 2013

    Hello Audrey! I have been following your blog for a while and I really like it! Thank you for your tips for mixing different pieces.

    I have a red blazer, I have not regrets about it! The blazer is confortable and makes any outfit more casual and handy.

  5. I love the blue and yellow. I'm always trying to think of multiple ways to wear one piece.

  6. I'm (slowly) working on a 30X30 Summer Remix which includes my cobalt blazer as well! It is a different shape than yours--shorter with sailor-type buttons. So far, I've worn it very similarly to your second picture with khaki shorts, a grey tee, and beige wedges. I plan to wear it with white pants, over a dress, and maybe with a bodycon skirt!

  7. Your blog is all about cobalt & bright colors. You're making me feel like it's spring and not summer, transitioning into autumn. I love it. My only colored blazer is orange, so it will fit more with the next season, I think.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  8. I've just discovered your blog via mix & match fashion and love your style and am following you via bloglovin. Looking forward to seeing more stylish outfits :-)


  9. I own a burgundy corduroy blazer my husband made me by (he's much better at dressing than I am...). I have yet to wear it...BUT this fall. it is time! I am breaking out of frumpy. )

  10. i'm going to do a 30x30 starting in September!

  11. Such a cute blazer! I find cobalt to be really versatile too.

  12. I have a green blazer that I found at a Goodwill a few months ago. It's made of pretty heavyweight material (tweed or wool, maybe?), so I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet. I am ready for fall!

  13. Love the color of your blazer! It's so bright and fun! I love outfit #1 so much!

  14. HappinessatmidlifeFriday, August 23, 2013

    I love my cobalt blazer. I wear my blazers mainly to work and need to try and incorporate it into a weekend look. Here's a post I did recently that I styled my cobalt blazer.



  15. Both looks are so cute Alice!! Thanks for sharing! Love em!

  16. I love my cobalt blazer. I love wearing it with anything. I might actually use my cobalt blazer in the wear one different ways challenge. Looking forward to it. Love the way you styled your cobalt blazer.

    Have a great weekend.



  17. I'm pretty sure my want has turned into a need...I NEED a cobalt blazer!


  18. Awesome ways to wear a blazer. The color is perfect! ^_^


  19. I just bought a chartreuse blazer. I haven't worn it yet but I think it is pretty cool. I love collecting coloured blazer outfits on my pintrest boards, if you are interested.




  20. I just found your blog last night and have to say thank you! You've provided me with so much inspiration... I spent hours looking through your outfits and made a shopping list that I feel confident about (finally!). You made me realize how I can make so many great outfits with just a handful of pieces. I'll be checking this blog daily!

    PS—You're also using my Jenna Sue font, yay :)

  21. souvenirfinder.comSunday, August 25, 2013

    I always associated blazers with "business-y" and could never get past that..but wow, that sky blue is something else. I'll have to rethink this!

  22. great post! loving all your ideas!


  23. Oh shoot, this comment got stuck as spam. Sorry for the late response, but I wanted to say hi and welcome to the blog!


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