Saturday, July 27, 2013

Birds and Blowouts

In case you can't tell from the pics, these jeans are black.

Even though I tried to swear off tops with little birds on them I bought this one because from far away they just look like circles.  If you've been reading PMT for more than a year you may remember that I loathe birds.  Arch nemeses.  Been pooped on 10 too many times.  Though, that chapter in my life may have closed because I'm forming a new track record with different little creatures--babies.  I kind of have a magical touch.

It goes something like this: They cry, I hold them, and they stop crying.  And then they have a blowout.  Yup.  I have an incredible track record.  So, since my source of being pooped on seems to have changed that's possibly helping me warm up to bird shirts--though not to real birds yet--but shirts I can maybe handle.  Birds on shirts, yay or nay?  

I think shirt #2 is pretty cute, but the birds still look a little too real for me.  And number 6 is so funny--one bird I do love is penguins!  

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Top: Target (similar, similar)
Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: H&M (similarsimilar)
Bag: Old Navy


  1. I think birds on shirts are so cute! I don't care for birds myself, though I don't loath them the way you do (though if I'd ever been pooped on by one, I'd feel the same way). I can't imagine being pooped on by other people's babies, though (I've been pooped on by my own before, sure, but never someone else's). That would be awful!

  2. So you probably *don't* want this shirt, then?

  3. Well poop. The image didn't show up: http://oldglory.com/lp/The-Hangover-Baby-Bjorn-Costume-T-Shirt/p/46462?gclid=COr9ovyR0bgCFeZxQgodeH4Azw

  4. I'm not opposed to birds on shirts. In fact one of my favorite blouses I have has a bird print fabric. But I'm starting to get a little tired of TOO MANY bird prints...everywhere.

  5. Super-cute outfit, Audrey! I really like bird print and I've got a navy blue blouse with little pink/white/gray birds on it!


    Clothes and creativity

  6. I love birds on shirts Audrey! And this color is so cute on you! I just ordered a penguin sweater for my daughter from Forever 21 - love it! Susan

  7. That penguin tank is awesome :) Really like your printed top with the jeans :)

    Away From Blue

  8. Always a yay for me. I seriously have to stop myself from buying every shirt with birds on it. I just wish there would be more options other than just birds. Give us some bears or elephants!

  9. I really laughed out loud when you said you have been "pooped on 10 too many times" XD
    I like birds. I have a navy top with white birds from ON. I was soo tempted to buy #1 top from The Limited (specially since they had 50% off everything for the past 4 dias). I am so proud of myself for being strong and resisting the purchase. I have several new items in my closet + 3 weeks of vacation coming up :/

    I'm thinking I like top #5 too.

    Penguin prints however... uh, I'm thinking I'm too old for that one :p

  10. I like birds on clothes. :) I have some owl earrings & I just bought a navy blue shirt with birds on it yesterday. It has 3/4 length sleeves, so I'll wait until it cools off a little to wear it.

  11. obsessed with birds right now. so odd. just bought some fabric with bird print!

  12. HappinessatmidlifeSunday, July 28, 2013

    I just ordered # 2 and liked that it kind of looks like Christmas lights from afar. I also have the Loft top - I guess I must like birds.

    Love the colors in your top.


  13. Hysterical post. If being pooped on really is good luck, then you have quite a bit to spare. A bird pooped on me during my first date with my now husband; I guess it worked.

    I actually like the bird shirt you're wearing best of all!

  14. Hahah, yes! My family vacations in northern Minnesota each summer, and nearly every summer, I've gotten pooped on by seagulls. Also, on our honeymoon, I got pooped on by a bird...on my face. So romantic.

  15. You crack me up! I have been nervous around birds since we had to watch The Birds in high school. I know it's a super old movie, but it's creepy! But hey, at least the birds on your shirt can't kill or poop on you. And maybe they'll scare away all the others...


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