Monday, July 29, 2013

Air Flow

Have you ever given someone an awesome piece of advice or a genius tip only to have them tell it to you later as if they discovered it on their own?  I do that all the time to myself with trouser jeans in the summer.  I love them in the summer, or at least this pair, because the material is thinner than my other jeans (though very durable) and there's so much room in the legs for great airflow.  But somehow I always forget this and I am constantly "discovering" how much I love them and then rolling my eyes at myself after I realize we've been through this before.  Many, many times.  And yes, I just referred to myself in plural.  Oh, Monday, you come with all sorts of problems.  

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Shop for the Look:
Top: Forever 21 (very similar)
Jeans: Gap (similar, similar)
Shoes: TJ Maxx (similar, similar)
Bag: Target
Necklace: c/o Calypte Collection (exact)


  1. One thing about skinnies for summer - they definitely feel like they're suffocating your legs after a while in the summer. You look great with your hair up!

  2. This outfit is lovely. It looks so comfortable but so chic. That color blue is so great, it's my favorite color right now!

  3. I need to find a good pair of trouser jeans! I have that problem, too (both the forgetting good advice I've given myself, and referring to myself in the plural). Haha!

  4. I love trouser jeans! I have a pair that I used to wear ALL THE TIME but they're starting to show their wear (understandably so, they're like, 8 years old and I wore them every other day a few years ago) so I was hoping to re-dye them, but I've never gotten around to it yet. And yes, totally great for airflow, but bad for rainy days.

  5. Dude, TOTALLY bad for rainy days! That's another thing I need to remind myself of all the time!

  6. i love my trouser jeans OH so much! they're comfy AND they help me skirt around the "no denim" policy at work (we can only wear jeans on friday, BUT denim trousers are fine any day!)

  7. why bad for rainy days?? curious, as i don't own any trouser jeans.

  8. I think trouser jeans can look so good on women but I worry that only being 5'4", they would make me look shorter or highlight my shortness unless I wear them with sky-high heels which I hardly wear. Audrey, I know you don't have super high heels. Is the trick to go for a darker wash?

  9. I love my trouser jeans especially during the school year when I don't want to look super casual at work. Love your necklace, too!

  10. Isn't it crazy how trouser jeans are something we forget about? I remember before skinny jeans - that was all we wore! I have a great pair of trouser jeans and I always forget about them in the summer, but they really are so much cooler than tight pants. Looks like I'll be wearing them tomorrow :)

  11. I'm glad you're taking your own advice - you look great in your trouser jeans! I'm a big fan of them myself. I've had a pair for several years, but they are all worn out now. I'm looking for a new pair that I love as much as my old ones! They're quite refreshing to wear after wearing skinny jeans for so many years :) I love the cobalt top as well - it's one of my favorite colors to wear!!


  12. The jeans look great on you, you should definitely reach for them more often :)

  13. Hi! I enjoy your blog. Have you written a post on hosting a successful "Fashion Swap Party"? If not, any ideas?

  14. Experimental BeautyMonday, July 29, 2013

    I was just sitting here trying to decide what to wear tomorrow when I decided to peek over here to your blog. Problem solved: trouser jeans!

  15. HappinessatmidlifeMonday, July 29, 2013

    Love trouser jeans! I tend to wear them on casual Fridays at work but need to use them for the weekends as well.


  16. I really like the combination of the necklace and top together, lovely! :)

    Away From Blue

  17. I've loved trouser jeans since I first discovered them on Season 1 of What Not to Wear. I was 20 years old and had just stopped shopping in the Juniors section. And I embraced the trouser jean and never looked back. I love my skinnies and bootcuts, but trouser jeans are so elegant. In the wintertime one of my favorite church outfits is trouser jeans, a sweater, and heeled ankle boots.

  18. ahaha, I do that too! Great look! It looks easy and comfy and I'm a HUGE fan of good air flow!


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