Friday, June 28, 2013

Sticks and Dirt

You know how sometimes it's the simplest things that blow your mind?  I've pinned a couple of outfits with white shorts and a black and white striped top, and had that *DUHHH* moment with them.  The looks were so clean and simple that I never would have thought of them myself.  I borrowed that same principle here using a blue and white striped top instead--one that has been on hiatus for about a year.  Pretty glad to pull it back into the mix!  

The first time I wore this was to go blueberry picking with a rambunctious 15 month old.  I will never get out of my head the vision of him continually reaching for fallen blueberries that were on the ground and shoving them into his mouth--along with a fistful of dirt and sticks (STICKS!!!) each time.  (STICKS!!!  IN HIS DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!!!)  Dang, those blueberries must have been good if he was willing to eat sticks and dirt with them.  Or maybe sticks taste better than we think?  And yes, I was holding him as he rubbed his dirty little shoes all over my white shorts.  But it was not a problem because the material is durable and the dirt came right off.  Dirt I'm not scared of...sauces and marker stains might be a different story, in which case I'm not scared of that coming from a child but more from myself.  (True story.)

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*Update: The link to the first top was incorrect and has now been fixed.  :)

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Top: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Shorts: Loft (similar, similar, similar)
Bag: Old Navy
Sandals: Target (exact)


  1. Love this outfit! It's so simple but also put together! Have a great weekend!

  2. Wherever did you find white shorts that actually stay white?! I bought a white tee-shirt for my vacation and it only last for the 3 wearings while I was gone. Stained it without realizing and even bleech didn't take out the stains.

  3. VersatilestylebytraceyFriday, June 28, 2013

    Navy and white is my first choice to wear with white shorts.... I guess it's the infuence of my beach community....

  4. Cute outfit! I had been looking for a white skirt and this makes me want one even more.

    BTW - Many packaged foods contain wood pulp under names like cellulose. It can also be used in organic products. For example it's in Organic Valley and Kraft shredded cheese, Log Cabin syrup, smoothie bases, ice cream, Fiber One products, Morning Star chicken nuggets, Eggos, Cinnabon products, etc.

  5. So cute! I love the simplicity and sharpness of it.

  6. Yep, should also be nice with a white skirt. I agree with anon. Cute outfit. Have to sew something like that.

  7. Hi, Audrey. I love your blog! I thought your story about the 15-month old eating blueberries, dirt, and sticks was hilarious!

    As the mother of 2 soccer-playing boys, ages 3 and 9, I know how difficult it is getting stains out of white uniforms and socks. Where I live, we have red clay soil, and the stains can be tough to remove. So I wanted to share some laundry tips that do the trick for us. Don't use bleach, as it will destroy your clothes over time. Pre-treatment of the stain is really important. I use a bar of Fels-Naptha laundry soap on dirt and all kinds of other stains. Fels-Naptha is a miracle product! It costs only 97 cents at Walmart and will even get out our red dirt stains on the first try. Just wet the fabric and apply the bar of soap directly to the stain, lather it in, and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then launder the garment as you normally would. Repeat if necessary.

    Another effective stain remover to use on whites is powdered Oxyclean. Use HOT water to dissolve the powder, then add the garment and soak, preferably overnight. If your fabric is to delicate to take hot water, let the water cool first, then add the item. After soaking, launder as usual.

    And finally, for those greasy stains from sauces that we spill on our favorite clothes, use dish-washing liquid as a pre-treatment. I like Palmolive, especially the kind that has Oxyclean added to the formula. Drop a dot of the dish-washing liquid on the stain and let sit overnight, then launder as usual. The degreaser lifts the stain out of the fabric. One caution: be very careful using dish-washing liquids with colorful dyes. You don't want to remove the grease stain only to be left with a dye stain on your whites. Look for dish-washing liquids that are dye-free.

    Hope this info helps!


  8. I find it's always useful to have a couple of "war" pieces (cute yet worse fitting or outdated/faded stuff) that can still make a cute outfit but you don't mind seeing ruined. I usually buy a couple of on sale tees (those in the 2$ bin) for this.
    Be it painting, camping or being around kids I always have a set outfit to go on potentially clothes-ruining activities :)

  9. Ah yes, those little feet always seem to rub dirt ALL over my pants whenever I pick up my kids :( That's why I can't wear nice things :(

  10. Lol at your story of the sticks! You would die if you saw what my son eats...his favorite thing is to find an unlocked bathroom and eat wet toilet paper out of the toilets (he's 15 months old)! SO gross! I'd gladly grade sticks for used TP!

  11. OH MI GOD. I wish you could see my horrified face right now. BLESS YOU! He's building up that immune system I guess. OMG!!!

  12. Oh yeah! We've invested in good bathroom locks let me tell you! But he's a tenacious little guy and will find a way in if we're not careful. Love your outfit, too! I'm totally copying it this week!

  13. Where did you get/ do you have a link to that pendant you're wearing in the pic? I've been looking for a good pendant to dress up t-shirts. Thanks!

  14. Here you go: http://www.outfitadditions.com/long-ivory-marble-pendant-necklace/

  15. LOVE this outfit! The blue and white stripe go really well with white shorts/pants... it's one of my favorite combos!!



  16. Oxyclean is the best for removing berry stains (my munchkins adore the berries and manage to squish them into clothing every time)! Great advice:-)

  17. Cute casual outfit Audrey :)




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