Sunday, June 30, 2013

Site to See

1.  Style Elixir is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog by Lauren Slade.  She was one of the bloggers that hosted the 7x7 Remix (see Lauren's 7x7 here) and hosts her own weekly link up called Style Sessions every Tuesday.  Also, she's participating in the Wallis style blogger competition and would love your support!  You can go vote for her here--today's the last day to vote!

2.  Go Chic or Go Home is a long time sponsor of PMT because it's such a great fit.  You guys often tell me that remixing and down-to-earth style are your favorite features of PMT, and Go Chic or Go Home is that and more!  It provides both inspiration and tools for you to remix and make the most of your closet, plus it has an encouraging built-in community.  I've loved interacting with some of you on GCOGH!

3.  Beauty Style Growth - Kemi from Beauty Style Growth and I have gone way back, to when PMT had 30 readers.  We connected over faith and our sensible style.  I love her outfits!  What I also love about Kemi is that her shape is not your "typical" style blogger shape, and she totally embraces it, like in a recent post called Eight Ways to Style an Apple Body Type.

4.  That's Mine has beautiful jewelry galore!  I mentioned That's Mine last month, but new stuff keeps catching my eye, like the peach coral necklace and the turquoise bracelet.

5.  Charming Lucy - Susan blogs at Charming Lucy about style and life.  She's yet another blogger with great, down to earth style that you should check out!

6.  Calypte Collection is an Etsy shop full of edgy, handmade statement jewelry.  If you want something that's unique and makes an impact, be sure to check it out.  I'm kinda digging this Metallic Gold Leather Necklace lately.

Enjoy our Sunday!


  1. Go Chic or Go Home is insanely helpful!! I use it for so many things: planning outfits, keeping tracks of what I wear by date, keeping a wishlist, inspiration photos, and showing my own outfits! Thank you so much for the recommendations in one of your older posts. That's how I first found out about it!

    Exploring My Style

  2. Cynthia @ Go Chic or Go HomeMonday, July 01, 2013

    This is awesome feedback, Lauren. It's so fun meeting PMT readers over on GCOGH. Super happy you're enjoying yourself! :-)

    - Cynthia

  3. just found your blog and i love it! thanks for so much inspiration and great posts!

  4. I've added these ladies to my Bloglovin' stuff when I do my daily blog reading. Thank you for sharing people who are modest dressers and are sisters of faith. My husband and I just had a conversation about the fashion/beauty blogs I frequent because a majority of the ones that I visit the most are women of faith and modest dressers (I know that term is relative because if you live in Florida you might dress different for obvious reasons). Not every website and blogger that I support is a Christian but I do try to support Sisters.


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