Monday, June 24, 2013

Dark Times

(You might recognize this outfit from my 7x7 Remix, but I'm posting it again because I finally wore it.  Second pic is borrowed from the 7x7 remix post, which explains the different shoes.)  

Okay, so....this outfit?  I can safely say this never woulda happened a couple of years ago.  Can you believe that not too long ago my wardrobe was mostly filled with dark colors?  I only realized it because my mom made it a point to comment regularly on how everything I wore was always so "dark dark"--whatever that means.  When I see an outfit like this or the rest of my outfits as of late it's hard to believe, but what she said was true.  I think it's safe to say that I've made it out of the dark era and into the light!  *pats self on the back*

Links to Shop:
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four  |  five

Shop for the Look:
Top: Target (similarsimilar--in "floral", similar)
Jacket: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy (maybe exact?, similar, similar)
Sandals: Target (similar)


  1. Haha my mom also uses a word twice for emphasis. Consequently, so do I. :) I too used to have a mostly dark wardrobe, especially winter clothes. I've been adding in color over the years and I started blogging in an effort to be accountable to make sure I put effort into my outfits. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  2. I like your pants. Do you have any recommendations on finding white pants and shorts? Everything I try on is kind of see through and I hate those white pockets peeking through the material!

  3. If you go to this post:http://www.puttingmetogether.com/2013/06/light-neutrals.html there's a note at the bottom about white pants with different options. I have the Old Navy Sweetheart cut and the material is pretty thick.

  4. Patricia WhitfieldTuesday, June 25, 2013

    I am making that same journey from all black to bright colors...look and feel better about what I am wearing

  5. This is so true for me as well. Until mid last year, I had mostly black, white and beige in my wardrobe and just like yours, my mom used to comment on it all the time. When I decided that I needed to change the way I dress and feel about myself, your site was one of the first and probably the most influential on my new dress sense. You really opened my thinking on how one piece of clothing could be worn for many different looks. I really like the way you keep it simple and make me think that even I can do it. So thank you very much Audrey. You inspire me everyday.


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