Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sites to See!

Hey guys!  I've really been trying to curate a roster of incredible sponsors and only say yes to ones that I love and think you'll enjoy.  I thought about doing away with Sponsor Love posts completely, but since I've been curating the roster I genuinely love our sponsors.  And now of course I want you to know more about them!  

Here's round one for the month!  *drumroll please...*

1.  Go Chic or Go Home.  ADDICTING site.  On GCOGH you can remix your closet with the virtual closet, post your own outfits for reference, and be part of a very down-to-earth style community from whom you can draw endless inspiration and encouragement.  It's a really practical tool for making the most of your closet, but it's also a really encouraging community.  I love that it has BOTH of those aspects wrapped up in one site!

See the pic above?  That's my closet and me using the outfit creator.  For those who've asked to see my closet, it's been on GCOGH the whole time (find it here), along with all of my outfits and my potential outfits!

2.  StyleUp.  Don't want to think about what to wear?  StyleUp sends you daily outfit inspiration tailored to suit the weather in your area.  Pretty dang cool, eh?  Also, a lot of you say you like how I analyze outfits and break them down for you, and that's something I love about what StyleUp does.  With their "Re-Create This Style" feature they break down the outfit for you so that you can adapt it for yourself!

3.  Datevitation.  Create your own unique love coupon book for someone you love--a significant other, a parent, your kids, or a friend.  They have some really fun ideas--over 350!  Check out the current giveaway, or get one now and get $10 off your May or June purchase with the code TOGETHER.  Books start at $20, so that's a steal!

4.  Merrick's Art.  One of my favorite blogs!!!  Merrick is a remix master and has a lot of fun "One Piece Five Ways" type of posts.  But her bread and butter is DIY refashion tutorials!  She's super creative and has tons.  I love love love her, and I hope you do too.

Happy web surfing!


  1. Kelsey WilburnTuesday, May 28, 2013

    thanks for sharing!

    kw ladies in navy

  2. I love Merrick's Art! Thanks so much for sharing. It's a great site!

  3. I love Go Chic or Go Home! Every time I log on to the site, I am so inspired! If I'm thinking about making a clothing purchase, I log on there and see how many looks I can find with that clothing item. It helps me cut down on paying for clothes I know I won't get much wear out of.

  4. And anytime you're not sure how to wear an orphan in your closet, need more remixing ideas, want to pack light or for submitting ANY fashion question, go to theasksection.blogspot.com

  5. Cynthia @ Go Chic or Go HomeTuesday, May 28, 2013

    That's awesome, Kaylee! Making the most of what you have is what the Go Chic or Go Home community is all about. So glad you're enjoying it. :-)

  6. Thanks for that! I'm loving StyleUp and Merrick's Art is great. Good choices!! Erin - joggingpantsmustdie.com

  7. Those Datevitation coupon books are darling! :)

    And booooooo, I was thinking about you after watching the Sharks game last night. It put me in such a bad mood :( (the Sharks game, not thinking about you... haha!)

  8. Love your blog--it's got plenty of great ideas even for a 51YO empty-nester! I love it when you show hot weather clothes, sleeves, and below-the-knee outfits because I'm moving to the UAE soon and I must cover shoulders, cleavage, and knees--all without suffering heat stroke in the 100+ weather. Keep up the good work!

  9. I'm totally loving Datevitation! I am finishing up an order for a "just because" gift for my husband. Thank you for the suggestion and the discount code!

  10. Awesome, Brittany! I love hearing when you guys enjoy the sponsors!


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