Monday, May 6, 2013

Graphic Prints

I don't know why, but I really love this outfit.  I think I love the contrast of the dark top with the crisp white bottoms.  I wore the outfit with the cardigan and wedges to a meeting and then to run errands.  I originally planned the outfit with the blazer (last pic) but I wanted to feel less constricted so I opted for the cardigan and ended up liking it even better.  

Have I talked about this top before?  It was once a dress that was way too short but I bought it with the intention of turning it into a shirt anyway because I wanted more printed tops.  It has turned out to be another one of those pieces that I didn't know I would end up wearing so much.  (Recap to come, maybe?)  I think it works so well because it's a graphic print which makes things interesting, but it's not too annoying or overwhelming, and it's made up of dark neutrals.  Maybe that's why?  Anyway, the first top below seems pretty similar to the one I have, just in black and white instead of periwinkle/black/white.  However, I also really, really adore number five!  I also love the Ikat print in number three.

Have you tried tops with graphic prints?  If not, consider giving them a try as a swap out from a normal plain tee!  Just as easy to put on, but you don't have to try so hard to make your outfit interesting.

Links to Shop:
one  |  two  |  three
four  |  five

Shop the Look:
Top: Forever 21 (similar, similar)
Cardigan: H&M (similar)
Jeans: Old Navy (similar)
Wedges: Target (similar, similar)

Bottom Pic:
Blazer: H&M (similar)
Grey Pumps: Target (similar--suede and lower heel, similar)


  1. I love your blog....love it...thank you for the ideas, insights, hints, tips, classy and affordable inspiration!!!! I have been following you after finding you on pinterest for about a month now (and forever in the future), and I LOVE what I have done with my existing closet by just adding a few pieces! I had some good stuff just sitting there waiting for a good idea!

    ps, you are adorable :)

  2. I love this outfit! I just started wearing white pants last summer - for some reason, I never thought I could pull them off but they are great and look fabulous with that shirt and cardigan. I definitely like this outfit better with the cardigan.Nice choice.

  3. Could you do a round-up of too-short-dresses that would be perfect for turning into shirts? I'm very tall and would love some inspiration!

  4. Maricel EdwardsMonday, May 06, 2013

    BLARGH! How do you do it? So easy. So effortless. I always feel fussy in my photos even though I'd felt fab preening in front of the mirror the night before. Any tips on how to look so poised and natural in front of the camera? And what to do with your hands while you stand there?

    Oh, and p.s - the outfit is the bee's knees! :D


  5. I really need to find some white pants that actually fit me!


  6. Hi,
    Glad I found your blog. Can you please recommend where I can find a army vest. The one in your link is sold out.

  7. Did you turn it into a top yourself or have it done? What a fun idea!!


  8. Loving this top. Gorgeous.



  9. Kelsey WilburnMonday, May 06, 2013

    beautiful! love the pants

    kw ladies in navy

  10. Adorable - the colors in the top are so great! What a neat idea to turn the too-short dress into a top! I love printed tops, but don't have many of them myself. You're totally right that they add a fun (and easy) element to an outfit without even really having to try :)


  11. It was a while back before I had my sewing machine in hand, so I took it somewhere to get it altered.

  12. There's six options listed here: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/p/where-to-buy-my-closet-staples.html

  13. What? You're adorable in your pics! I don't really know what I do with my hands...they seem to just kinda be there most of the time, if they're not in a pocket.

  14. That's great to hear, Cindy! I love that you've gotten to do more with your existing closet by just adding a few pieces. It's kind of crazy what that can do, huh?

  15. Maricel EdwardsMonday, May 06, 2013

    You're just naturally photogenic then. I'm gonna try practicing "Audrey poses" in front of the mirror tonight. And thanks for popping by my blog. I hope you don't feel I'm shamelessly self-promoting when I leave my link in my comments but it's kinda like a calling card, eh?

  16. I would get the layered bead collared necklace, the chunky wire bead long drop necklace, and the bohemian brass pendant. I think. I really just want one of everything.

  17. Love this outfit too! It could be my new obsession with blue - you got a great look here, thanks for the tips!

  18. You have even more outfit posts going on lately which is great to read. They are varied ideas and not repetitive which makes me think about wearing ALL the items in my wardrobe at some stage. Trying to get away from the habit of only wearing my favourites all the time.

  19. Love the graphic prints trend. You look simple and chic!

    xo Lulu

  20. I like it with the cardigan more too :) Nice color contrast. I have no white pants and it's quite unbelievable to everyone :p I might just add that item to my closet.

    I lover your necklace. Where is it from?

  21. Christina SmartThursday, May 09, 2013

    I think the cardigan works better because of the longer length? What is a beautiful jacket with other outfits seems to short for this one. So nice to see an outfit change in progress. When I was a little kid I used to change about 6 times a day ;) Glad other people do it too!

  22. Adrienne StrongMonday, May 13, 2013

    I have a graphic print dress in white, black, and gray that I want to turn into a long top. I'm not a blazer wearer- but I love cardigans!

  23. I love this outfit! This is exactly what I would wear. I'm finding your blog very useful - keep up the good work :)

  24. What an excellent idea. I have a few dresses that I was just about to give up on because of their too-short length...about how much do you think it costs to get dressed altered in this way? I've never done that before or even thought about it. Thanks for your posts!


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