Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dresses for Nursing Moms (and everyone else)

I've had this dress for a few years, and while it's not necessarily hip or trendy, it's really comfortable and figure-flattering, and therefore it totally works for me.  Plus I've gotta keep it around because it'll probably come in handy someday.

You see, very often I get asked by new mothers what to wear to look put together while nursing a baby, and without fail I will say to get a v-neck cotton jersey dress with an empire waist.  Aka this dress, along with nearly every dress in my closet.  It turns out I have a great wardrobe for a new mom...now all I need is a kid.  (Not hinting at anything--don't get your hopes up.  :) )

Here are some great v-neck jersey dresses with defined waists, great for whether you're a nursing mom or not!  NOTE: A lot of these are available in different colors if you click through the shopping links.

Links to Shop:
six  |  seven   |  eight  |  nine  |  ten

Would you wear any of these?

Shop the Look:
Dress: Banana Republic (similar)
Jacket: Target (exact, similar)
Wedges: Target (similar, similar)


  1. Yes! These are fantastic when you are nursing....I wore a similar LOFT wrap dress all the time while nursing. And, bonus, I still wear it, unlike any of my clothing items that were specific to nursing.

  2. Heads up on 1-4, from Old Navy, I'm 5'7", and the tall size comes to about mid-thigh on me. I had hoped for knee length when I first saw them. Gap does a longer sleeve version of wrap dress, and that one is knee length for me in the tall size.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I am a nursing mom and it helps to see these options. Your dress looks so cute and comfy!

  4. ashley @ sunnysideshlee.comThursday, May 16, 2013

    I'm not a soon-to-be-mother but I think #6 is adorable!

  5. Hey,

    sweet outfit. I like the dress.



  6. Love dresses. :-) I actually got a "nursing dress" from milk.com with my second baby. But it's easy to incorporate nursing ability into many outfits! Here are my secrets:

    1. Stretchy camisoles are you friend. I layered them under EVERYTHING. Pull up your shirt, pull down the cami, bam. You're nursing and still covered.

    2. Ruching is also your friend. Things can get kind of disheveled from nursing and ruching covers a multitude of sins.

    3. Go for thinner fabrics like cotton jersey. Ever tried to pull up a sweater to nurse? I don't recommend it. :-)

  7. This is exactly what I wore when I was nursing my baby. Comfortable, easy access and figure flattering.

  8. Thanks for this! I haven't worn dresses since my daughter was born and I miss it! :)

  9. Ooops, wrong link! Here's the link to the online nursingwear boutique I love: http://www.milknursingwear.com/

  10. I had something very similar to number 8 when I was a nursing mom! I hope to be a nursing mom again sometime in the near future so I'll stick this tip in my back pocket until then. Thanks!

  11. A big thank-you for "addressing" (pun intended) the specific needs of nursing moms!!! :o) I love the choices you have shown. I have been nursing for 10 years...not the same kid, ha ha ha...and I hardly ever wear dresses. Your encouragement may change that! I especially like the idea of the jacket (or a cardigan) to help with modesty. This post is spot-on.

    :o) Becky in Oregon (mom of 5)

  12. I rarely wore dresses while nursing and now Im thinking why didn't I? Thats a very pretty dress you are wearing.

  13. Love your dress. So pretty. I wore mainly tops that were easy to pull up. Made things so much easier.



  14. Thanks for this post! I am a nursing, working mom and love to wear this type of dress. I also get a lot of use out of my button-up shirt dresses, especially this one: http://www1.macys.com/shop/product/jones-new-york-dress-long-sleeve-belted-shirtdress?ID=807128

  15. I love it, Audrey! You look lovely in red, and I really like the pattern. I'm not a mother, but these are still some of my favorite kinds of dresses to wear. They seem to be quite flattering, and I find them to be comfortable as well. I really love the colors in dress 2, and dresses 6 & 9 are perfect!


  16. Love your blog and your style - so glad I found it! I love dresses like that (I especially love the floral one from Target) and I have several from Loft, but I haven't worn them while nursing yet. I guess I will have to do that now that it's summer.

  17. How is a nursing mom supposed to nurse in a dress?? I always wore separates, it was much more comfortable and less revealing to have the baby under my shirt than pulling a boob over the top. That way, if they pull off, you're not left hanging out for the world to see...

  18. Haha, well, all of my friends nurse under a coverup so anything v-neck that you can pull down is much easier for them than anything you have to pull up.

  19. Haha, well, all of my friends nurse under a coverup so anything v-neck that you can pull down is much easier for them than anything you have to pull up.

  20. o_O ?? No idea what you're referring to. But hi Izzy!!!

  21. I wish more of these dresses were made of cotton! The style is flattering for a range of shapes and sizes but for summer on a tropical island I prefer cotton vs. rayon or polyester, which is what all the dresses I clicked on were made of. Cute roundup, though - I really like the printed one from Target. Not sure I'd try the Old Navy ones - I like shopping at Old Navy but I find some of their jersey too thin (and thus clingy) to be flattering. :)

  22. Francesca GiustiFriday, May 17, 2013

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  23. I have nursed in a dress tons of times. I use a cover or at least a receiving blanket over the top. :)

  24. My boobs were way too big to "pop out the top!" We gotta keep these big girls covered up! I never wore a dress. It always had to be separates. If I wore a dress I would have need one of those annoying nursing capes!

  25. Have to agree with Ann below. Separates are best for nursing to avoid exposure. A cover up is one more thing to stuff in the baby bag and only works for short period of time before baby is pulling at it, and is tough in hot weather. I nursed two kids for 12 and 10 months and separates work best. I agree with Audrey that v neck lines are best They minimize the size of your engorged breasts

  26. I'm not a mom, but I just ordered 3 of the target dresses! You can't go wrong with the price. I can't wait for them to arrive!

  27. Yes, I am so getting some of these for Summer. Another great post

  28. Hi Jennicillin, I'm so so so glad and encouraged to hear this. Thanks for taking the time to write and to share this. Good luck with everything!

  29. Rachael FarrisSunday, May 19, 2013

    I would wear them all! So cute, although I would probably always need a cami....I am very well endowed (or unfortunately endowed if you count the back pain!)
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. All those dresses are super cute! GREAT post!

  31. Caitlin @ Greater Than RubiesMonday, May 27, 2013

    I know it may not be for a while, but I can't wait until you do maternity fashion. You will be the most adorable pregnant woman! ...and you will also overflow my Evernote files for what to wear when those days come!

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