Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Channelling Audrey

Look #1:
Cardigan: c/o Lily & Violet (shop)
Jeans: Forever 21 (shop)
Red flats: Gap (similarsimilar)

Look #2: 
Cardigan: c/o Lily & Violet (shop)
Skirt: gift / thrift (similarsimilar)
Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy's (shop here)
Green belt: Target (similarsimilar
Tote: ebags.com (shop)

I've got two outfits for you today with this cute polka dot cardi from Lily & Violet.  My first attempt was look #2 which I really like with the green belt.  But in the end, I went back to my roots and channelled a little Audrey Hepburn, opting for a more classic and simpler route of all black and white with a tiny pop of red.

I don't know why, but I always thought my parents were lying to me when they told me I was named after Audrey Hepburn.  Maybe it's because they kind of said it like an afterthought, as if they were trying to make up some significance for where my name came from.  Or maybe it's because they also told me that the mouse named Audrey in my favorite book was named after me and I stopped trusting them about name things when I could finally read my own name because I realized 1) the book was written before I was born, and 2) the mouse's name was really Amanda.  Big fat liars.  I suppose it was a nice gesture, but as a child I felt duped.  And sad.  No mouse named after me?  Well, I will proudly say that two of my friends' kids are now named Audrey and that is much better than having a mouse as your namesake.  So take that, Amanda the mouse.


  1. Love look #2 with the green belt and skirt...super cute!! :)

  2. HappinessatmidlifeTuesday, January 22, 2013

    Both looks are great but I prefer #1.


  3. I think the first look is my favorite -- love the red flats to give it a little pop of color! xo


  4. So technically, Audrey from the book WAS named after you. In their version. LOL

    I prefer #2 because I'm a sucker for boots.

  5. Loving both these outfits!!!



  6. My parents named me after my father's orthopedic surgeon--an Indian man named Chandrasekaran. Thankfully they shortened it to Chandra, but every now and thing I'll get confused looks from folks of Indian descent. Haahahha My name does mean sun, moon, and stars, so that's nice!!

  7. Oh! I'm also a big ol' fan of polka dots! I like both looks and I'm super partial to look #2 because I have a denim skirt that I've been trying to figure out how to wear.

  8. I love anything with polka dots! Cute outfits. :)

    xo - Sheila

  9. I always felt robbed that my older sister and I have the same middle name. My parents couldn't even be bothered to come up with an original middle name? Lame.


  10. Both looks are adorable! Especially love the one with the red flats :)

  11. Always love polka dots! You did your name-sake proud!


  12. I love #1 - it is very you but that's why I like it! I have never worn a cardigan "as a shirt" but I'm a little bit tempted now.

    I also obviously also love AH and even though your parents were dirty dirty liars, I still love the connection :)

  13. Love the outfit with the jeans and the red shoes. Very cute!!!

  14. Hahaha! that's too funny. We named our son after Peyton Manning (I'm not a football fan, but I just liked his name) and every time we see him on TV we tell P that he has the same name as the guy on TV, and he'll look puzzled and say, "he kind of looks like me too" and we have to laugh because that notion is just absurd. But I guess we need to start being more careful with what we tell the kids :)

    My mom told me that I was named after a roll of toilet paper in the hospital after she gave birth. She saw "Kimberly Clark" and that's how I got my name. She's also told me that I was named after a box of tissues, so I'm not really sure if it was TP or tissues, but either way it was Kimberly Clark.

    Oh, and to make an already long comment even longer, the college kids at my church who went to Urbana shared this past Sunday about their experiences there! I wanted to be like, "DID YOU SEE AUDREY? SHE'S MY FRIEND!!!!" haha

  15. TOILET PAPER? You kill me. hahaha.

    Also, chuckling about Urbana. I hope they had a great experience!

  16. Haha, your story totally cracked me up. I recently found out that my uncle had a cat named Bryn (after a neighborhood in Minneapolis - Bryn Mawr) before I was born. I (jokingly) whine to my parents all the time that was named after a cat. I think it's super funny...they don't agree :)

    I LOVE your polka dot cardigan! I've always worried about looking too youthful in polka dots, but you look so classy in yours!!



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