Sunday, January 6, 2013

Be a Case Study on PMT! - CLOSED

Now that 2013 is here and my schedule with work has lightened up a bit, I'm excited to have time to focus on content beyond the daily outfit posts again.  One thing that I really, really want to do (and hope that I actually get off my butt and do) is to write a series on what I've been learning regarding building a new wardrobe.

Even though I wrote about Building a Remixable Wardrobe I've since then gotten a tons of emails asking for style help and quite a few about building an entirely new wardrobe from scratch.  I didn't expect that writing the BARW series would lead to general style questions, but since my "I-wish," fun, make-believe job is to be a personal stylist, I'm having fun trying to answer your questions!

Anyway, it seems like quite a few of you are looking to build an entirely new wardrobe--exciting!  (BTW, good for all yall who are new moms looking to get back in the swing of things, those of you who have gotten healthier and are trying to dress your new bodies, and those of you who just decided that you want out of your style rut.  Seriously, quite a bunch of inspirational people you are.)  

Besides general tips for building a new wardrobe, one thing I'd like to offer is case studies of some of YOU!  I want to feature people of different body shapes (and maybe lifestyles, "maybe" because I don't  quite feel qualified to give ideas of business wear though I may try...) and hopefully offer a little more help to those of you who aren't the same body shape as me.

Be a Case Study
SO, if any of you are willing to expose yourself here on this little blog in exchange for a list of tips and items to shop for tailored for you, I am taking volunteers!  I'll choose a very small handful of you to feature as a case study.  (Sorry, can't do everyone!)

How to Volunteer
Email me the following info with the subject line "Put Me Together"

1. Send a photo of yourself.  Please take a picture of your body in form-fitting clothes like the example below.  I know this can be embarrassing so feel free to not show your face/head and let me know if you only want me to use your initials instead of your full name.  If there is no picture, the entry will not be considered.  It will help me to help you balance out your proportions if I can actually see them.  Plus I want other women to be able to visually identify with each case study chosen.

2. Include your size and height.  Example: "5'6".  Usually S/M or 6/8."  Including bust, waist, and hip measurements is optional but helpful.

3. Name, age, where you life, and lifestyle - Basically, what do you need to dress for?  Include:
  • typical day to day activities / job description
  • typical weekend functions
  • special events you need to dress for pretty regularly (weddings, baby showers, quinceaneras, etc.)

A bullet point list is best.  I don't have time to sort through novels of info from multiple entries, so you'll have a higher chance of getting chosen if I can read it easily.  (Sorry, I'm a slow reader. :D )

4. Style icons or style type.  Name 2-3 celebrities whose style you like, put together a look book, or send me a URL to your Pinterest style board or Go Chic or Go Home Liked Outfits board.  I just need a basic idea of what you're going for.  Pinterest or GCOGH boards are preferred.

Deadline to enter was January 16th.  Submissions are now closed.  Thank you!


  1. What an excellent thing you are doing! I can't wait to see the results! Good luck, too. I know this will take some work!

  2. Versatile Style by TraceySunday, January 06, 2013

    As someone who has just lost weight and is getting closer to goal, I have been on my own journey to rebuild a wardrobe and have been having so much fun doing so... Can't wait to see what you come up with for this!

  3. What a wonderful thing you are doing! You are going to change some lives.

  4. Would you consider someone who's pregnant? I know you don't have kids but I can still see you as having great ideas :) I am in such a leggings and sweater rut because it's the most comfortable right now but I end up just not feeling put together if I'm not wearing real pants!

  5. This is going to be awesome!

  6. I wish I were confident that I could be helpful virtually, but I think with maternity wear I would want to demonstrate how to drape pieces to flatter the bump and I wouldn't be able to do that with what I have in mind, and particularly not online. However, there's a blog called Academichic that has stopped producing new posts, but I LOVED one of the contributors, "E," and especially loved how she dressed while pregnant.

    She has a post here specifically about maternity style: http://www.academichic.com/2011/07/26/e-s-principles-for-maternity-and-nursing-wear/

    And you can catch more of her looks (pregnant as well as not pregantn) here: http://www.academichic.com/tag/e-all/

    Granted, she is still ridiculously tiny even with child, but I think her principals still apply, and I remember thinking, "Whenever I am pregnant, I hope to look half as good as her!"

  7. I'm so excited to see the outcome of this! Such a great idea!

  8. I love this idea! I just had my third baby 3 weeks ago, so I'm not ready to participate right now what with the drastic body changes I expect in the next several weeks/months so I hope you do it again in the future. I have never liked shopping and I finally realized that it is because I lack confidence in my ability to pick flattering clothes for myself. I plan on having one more baby so right now I am in the process of collecting ideas of pieces I may want to add to my wardrobe once I enter the PERMANENT postpartum period of my life. The only part of pregnancy that I truly hate is the constant yo yo weight for a year or so before AND after (and since my kids are all two years apart that means I've been playing yo yo for 5+ years and have 2 more to go! ARGH! i look forward to seeing the follow up on this post. :-)

  9. becauseshannasaidsoMonday, January 07, 2013

    This is BRILLIANT!!!! Just brilliant!!! I can't wait to see how you help out the ladies!! You are such an inspiration!!!! And by the way, I signed up for ShopSense....thanks to you!!!! I already made $.50!!!! HOLLA!!! LOL!! ;)

  10. I just emailed you my info. Fingers crossed, I'm still trying to figure out my style...and hoping you can help.

  11. Oh wow! I think this is exactly what I need, as I feel clueless...just started following you and I am going to try and get this info to you ASAP

  12. Very cool idea!

  13. Oh cool idea! I just passed the info to one of my friends.
    It is also my "wish job" to be a stylist. Can you imagine making a living of styling and shopping? I would like to start slowly too but I don't think it is possible right now. I would like to gain more knowledge still about the whole thing and continue working on my personal style. I would also need a better timing than right now. Anyways, good luck to you and I would be interested to hear about your own process as the stylist :)

  14. Just sent you my information! Oh, I can't wait!

  15. Oh, I so hope you choose volunteers of different body types. As someone who's been size 2 and 4 most of her adult life, having my two youngest back to back really did a number on me and upped me by quite a few sizes. I love your blog, pity I just discovered it, lol. Went shopping yesterday, trying to apply your principals and was able to buy 3 things!!!! And that's after months and months trying on clothes and not finding anything I love. Thank YOU!!! Cannot wait for these series, really hope to see how your principals can be applied to women of different shapes!!! Rock on : )

  16. Woohoo! So encouraged to hear you bought 3 things after trying for so long and coming up short!

  17. I am so sad that I saw this today, as in days too late to submit! I hope that there is someone who has a similar body type and lifestyle as I do. Stumbling upon your blog has been a great help to me!


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