Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Wardrobe Essentials (by Anne from In Residence)

I'm excited to introduce you all to Anne from In Residence!  Anne is a Pinterest whiz in the sense that she actually *makes* things she pins on Pinterest, and they turn out beautifully.  I'm always inspired when she recreates one of her pins.  On top of that, I looooove Anne's style!  I won't even bother explaining why--just take a look below!

Hi, Putting Me Together readers! Audrey always has such great tips for building a remixable wardrobe, so while she’s off traveling, let’s talk about wardrobe essentials. Earlier this fall I identified and spent a week showcasing some of the most used pieces in my closet, the ones that are the building blocks for outfits suitable for almost any occasion in my life and that suit my personal style perfectly.

I define wardrobe essentials as the foundational, go-to items in my closet that help me avoid that “I have nothing to wear” feeling and always make me feel great while I’m wearing them: an army jacket, something leopard, a chambray shirt, a great statement necklace or scarf, and a basic dress that can be dressed up or down. The key to these essentials is that they go with everything and can be endlessly remixed into outfits I love; I find that often they're even better when I wear a couple of them at once. Your essential pieces might be different, but figuring out what they are will make getting dressed or packing for your next trip a breeze.

In Residence wardrobe essentials

5 essentials:  1. an army jacket | 2. something leopard  3. a chambray shirt | 4. a statement necklace or great scarf | 5. a basic dress that can be dressed up or down

I get lots of use out of the my essentials year-round by pairing them with seasonably appropriate layers, colors, accessories, etc., and in December I freshened them up for the holidays by mixing in some bright colors and shiny things. I’ll keep on doing that for the next few months, because what better way to keep your spirits up through gray, cold days or that post-holiday letdown… Here are a few recent ways I’ve worn and loved my go-to pieces (see some other versions here!):

In Residence wardrobe essentials
jacket (similar): Gap | cords: Loft | shirt: JCrew | flats: Target

The military jacket (or vest) is one my favorites for a casual but pulled-together outfit, and it's been perfect for the mild early winter we’ve had here. It gets even more snazzy for running errands and a coffee date when paired with some bright red (outfit shamelessly copied from my blog friend Shea).

In Residence wardrobe essentials
In Residence wardrobe essentials
dress and scarf: Old Navy | boots: Indigo by Clarks | necklace: Anthropologie | heels: Target

Next up, a dress that can be dressed up or down - obviously this wardrobe essential is helpful to have around for having something suitable to wear for many occasions... In this case, everything’s more festive and fun in bright colors, so for work or church, a bright dress with a cozy cable knit scarf and flat boots is great. Then for a little party or date night, switch out for a sparkly necklace and heels.

In Residence Wardrobe Essentials
skirt: Loft | chambray (similar): Crewcuts | boots: Old Navy | scarf (similar): Banana Republic

And finally, the chambray shirt. This thing seriously goes with everything and gives any outfit a great polished but laid back vibe - I especially love when chambray is used to dress down skirts, so what better way to wear it during the holidays or even post- holidays for a fun cocktail outing or birthday party than with a sequined skirt (don’t have a sequin skirt? Layer your chambray with a sequin top like so!). As usual, a scarf tops things off and brings it all together nicely. I limited myself to 5 items here, but in reality my essentials probably number closer to 10: I'd also include a striped shirt, a pair of gold flats, a denim jacket, and a fitted blazer to my list of things that go with everything and make every outfit feel a bit better and more polished. What are yours?

Stop by Anne's blog In Residence to check out more of her great outfits and to be wowed as she inspires you to recreate some of your pins!


  1. Great tips. Your wardrobe essentials are well thought out, and I like how you styled each pieces! :)

  2. All very good pieces to have. I'm wearing leopard flats today!

  3. I've been on the prowl for a chambray shirt! I NEED one...no, really! I dooooo! :)


  4. I love the basic dress...I have one I've worn tons this winter...it really can be dressed up or down!


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