Monday, December 31, 2012

Recap: Polka Dot Top

Polka Dot Top options: one, two, three

I almost got rid of this top, but I'm really glad I didn't.  I bought this thing for like $4 at an Old Navy sale sometime last year, and while I thought it was really cute, the material is so thin that I was having a hard time wearing it in a way that the outfit didn't look like pajamas.  Then the Go Chic or Go Home lonely piece challenge revived it for me!  

I think my favorites are 4 and 5.  I definitely need to repeat number 4 stat!  Fun outfits need to be worn more than once, you know what I'm saying?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Recap: Olive Cardigan

Olive Cardigan options: same in other colorssimilar, similar

I bought this cardi over a year and a half ago, prior to starting this blog, and I wore it often.  I can't remember what I wore it with, but it was loved.  For a long stint after I started this blog for some reason I didn't know how to wear this thing anymore or how to work it into my newly evolving wardrobe.  I almost got rid of it because I wore it so little.

I'm glad to say eventually my style came back around to where I was able to incorporate more of my old pieces into my new style.  I'm glad I kept this cardigan because especially in the last month or so I've been loving it again like it's new.

Olive is a pseudo-neutral, so it's a nice alternative to black, brown, or grey.  If you haven't yet, I suggest you try it!  Also fun tip: it pairs amazingly with dark purple.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite here too, but I think it'd be number 2.  I just love this cardigan with that dress and the tights and boots!  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Recap: Lace Tee

If you are reading this, I'm probably in the middle of the big conference that's been eating up my life this year!  (Wish me luck!)

Since the year is wrapping up and I won't have new outfit pics for you, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the ways I've worn different pieces this year.  I had time to make a collage of just a few and had to stop myself from getting carried away.  I couldn't help it--it was pretty eye-opening to go through pics from the year and reflect on how I've changed.  If you have been documenting your style, whether by blogging or something like Go Chic or Go Home, I'd recommend going back and checking out how your style has been evolving!  

Anyway, first up is my lace tee...the one I'm trying to find a replacement for.  

Lace Tee options: one, two, three

Like I mentioned before, I love how this lace tee is totally versatile like a white tee is versatile, but that it has a more interest since it's detailed with lace.  Definitely looking for another one.

It's hard for me to pick a favorite!  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Leg Snuggies

Dress: Target (similar: onetwo, three)  |  Blazer: Old Navy (shop)  |  Scarf: c/o Eliza & Ro (shop)  |  Socks: Target  |  Tights: Bare Essentials (shop)  |  Boots: Macy's (onetwothreefour)

This little outfit involved quite a few layers.  I'm not quite sure if it was too much to pile onto oneself, but I was warm, dang it.  So very warm.  A large part of that can be attributed to my fleece lined tights.  Those babies are gold, my friends!  And no, they are not ridiculously thick, but they are dang warm.  It's like having a Snuggie wrapped around your legs, except that you can wear them in public without being stared at with disdain.  (What do people have against Snuggies, anyway?  My only beef is that I actually don't find them very warm.)  Anyhoo, if you have a secret love for Snuggies but have been too embarrassed by them, I would suggest at least getting yourself some fleece lined tights.  They might just change your life.  ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recent Purchases

Yeesh!  I've done a lot of shopping over the last couple of months, but I LOVE the things I've gotten and want to share them with you before they're unavailable.  Plus, they probably won't make their way onto the blog anytime soon since I'm traveling so much and won't take outfit pics.  

As you can see, I went a tad blazer-happy, but all 4 of them are pieces I've been hunting for for-EHHH-vverrr.  (Think The Sandlot.)  Anyway, here's my list from November and December.

#1 - Pink blazer from SheInside, also sold by Topshop (shop, similar, similar).  I've been deciding about a pink blazer for nearly a year!  I saw this one from Topshop for more cash than I wanted to fork over, but after searching for it online I found the exact same blazer from the manufacturer (SheInside--first link) for less than half the price.  Then I checked retailmenot.com for a discount code and ended up paying nearly a third of the Topshop price!

#2 - Grey blazer, H&M (similar at Forever 21).  I've searched for one of these for years, but nothing was satisfying.  I kind of put it on the back burner but had been wanting one for the big work conference coming up.  With 4 other grey blazers in my hand, my friend spotted this one in the store but they didn't have my size, only the next size down.  I tried it anyway, and while the 4 other grey blazers were too small, this particular one that was a size down fits PERFECTLY.  I love it!  It fits so well that my husband said it looked like it was tailored to fit me!

#3 - Black blazer, Old Navy (shop).  These keep going on sale, both in store and online, so don't pay full price for these!  The black blazer I currently have is one that my sister found on clearance at Target for $8, but it's a size or two too big for me.  It works well as a boyfriend type of blazer, but I've been wanting a legit, more fitted black blazer.

#4 - Red blazer, Old Navy (shop).  I love my red blazer from Daisy Rae, but it's actually a little small for me and I've kind of busted it as a result, so I've been in need of a new red blazer.  

#5 - Dotted blouse, H&M (similar, similar, similar).  I've wanted a polka dot button front blouse, but the shirts I found, while they were totallyyyyy cute, they just didn't work for me.  I LOVE that this one isn't quite made of dots, rather, they're more like spots that aren't perfectly shaped.  I can't wait to wear this blouse!  

#6 - Green sweater, Target (shop).  I've worn this on the blog recently, but what I forgot to mention is that this sweater is also shimmery!  You can't see it in the pictures, but there's glittery stuff speckled throughout it.

#7 - Sequin tank, Old Navy (shop).  The one I bought is actually sold out and there's no picture of it anymore, but it's basically the one above with a grey back instead of the white.  This is my first sequined shirt, and I got it on major sale.

#8 & 9 - Skirts, Target (shop).  After I saw the orange one on Kendi, you'd better believe the next time I was at Target I kept my eye out for these.  I was looking for some thicker skirts to wear this time of year and these were exactly what I wanted!  Lucky for me, I found them on the clearance rack.  

#10 - Coral belt, Forever 21 (shop).  It might kind of look like bubble gum pink on your screens (yuck!) but in person it's a more saturated coral.  At $4.80, this one basically jumped into my hands before I knew what was happening!  

Have any favorites?  What pieces are you hunting for these days?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Top: c/o The Walk-In Closet (shop, similar, similar)  |  Olive Cardi: Target (same in other colors, similar)  |  Jeans: Loft (similar)  |  Boots: Macy's (one, two, three, four)

After a lovely little 2 hour delay on the runway, I finally made it back from Chicago!  It was our last rehearsal before the humungo conference at the end of this month (starting Dec 27th), where I'll be part of a worship band leading 18,000 college students.  Crazy cray, isn't it?

I'm spending this week tying up loose ends, buying final Christmas presents, practicing lots and lots of music, and picking out outfits to wear on stage at the conference.  Cuz um, besides being in front of 18,000 people for 5 days, did I mention that the conference is held at the Edward Jones Dome where the Rams play?  And that I'll be on a jumbotron?  YEAH.  I got to do it all in 2009 also, and I was always worried that I had a booger on my face or something in my teeth.  So I figure at least I'll try to look sharp so that if a booger or a piece of broccoli makes its debut I can still walk away somewhat respectable, you know what I'm saying?  

P.S.  Sorry if you're sick of seeing these boots.  Since I've been traveling so much, I've only been bringing one or two pairs of shoes and these boots always come with me! 

P.P.S. Even though a few weeks ago I tweaked an outfit with a belt over a cardigan saying it was too fussy, this longer and looser cardigan worked perfectly with a belt.  I didn't have to adjust anything all day, so if you're trying the look and get annoyed with your cardigan, see if a looser cardigan cooperates better!  :)

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Win a free Mary Kay Lash & Brow Serum!

If you don't know about Mary Kay, they are one of the top sellers in skin care and cosmetics.  Plus, they provide opportunities for growth and improvement to women through out the world.  

This week you have a chance to win a free Mary Kay Lash & Brow Serum from Independent Mary Kay Consultant Rebecca Pruett!

Says Mary Kay about the Lash & Brow Serum:
"Turn lash envy into lashes that look fuller, look thicker, and have more volume. Turn problem brows into the healthy, natural-looking brows you want. All it takes is just seconds a night – and in just 30 days you’ll see the results that women everywhere are already talking about."

Also, get some makeup tips while looking through the Makeup Artist Looks or try getting a Free Virtual Makeover!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Packing Help with Go Chic or Go Home

A few people have asked for a bit more help with packing, so in light of upcoming holiday traveling I'm dedicating another post to it!

I hate over packing, mostly because I feel so silly when I look at my over packed suitcase next to my minimalistic husband’s tinnnyyyyy little pile of stuff.  (He even said yesterday, “I don’t want to own more than 3 pairs of pants.  I just don’t like having more than I need--and even 3 pairs isn’t necessary."  Not OWN more than 3?  I can hardly pack less than 3 pairs, let alone only own 3!)  But I also secretly love over packing because like I mentioned before, I love to have options!  Otherwise I feel a little claustrophobic.  (Drama, much? #firstworldproblems)  My goal these days has been to find a balance of not over packing while allowing myself to have a lot of options.  My suitcase is where all my learning to remix is put to the test, for sure.

Anyway, for my last 3 trips I've loved what I've packed, and my secret weapon has been Go Chic or Go Home.  I know I talk about GCOGH a LOT, but it's because I really use it that much and find it that helpful!  

Here's how I use GCOGH to help me pack:

Brainstorm: "Create" Tool
GCOGH has a "Create" tool that is supposed to be for you to create and save outfit ideas with your own clothing, but I also use it when I pack.  In brainstorm mode, I drag a bunch of pieces that I'm thinking about packing to the bottom like so:

Mix and Match
Then, since you can move the pieces around in the brainstorm section, I start mixing and matching to see what I can come up with!  I move pieces next to each other to see potential outfits and then I take screen shots of them to log for later.  Eventually I'll end up with a handful of outfit ideas from those pieces.  Here's my collection of outfits with this trip:

Thanks to the screenshots I get a bird's eye view where I can see which items will be used often, which can only be used once, and which ones are really similar to each other and not worth bringing.  I continue working on the puzzle of editing the list, swapping out items, and paring things down. 

Get Ideas & Inspiration
Sometimes in my brainstorm process I have major brain farts and realize it's easier to repeat outfits I've worn in the past.  (Duh!)  I love that with GCOGH I have a "My Outfits" board that quickly lets me see all of my uploaded outfits and an "Ensembles" page where I can see a list of outfits I've created in the past, either that I've already worn or that I was planning to wear someday.  I'll sift through all that inspiration looking for outfits that use common items and drag them into my brainstorm list.  

Explore Feature
As I packed for Chicago yesterday, even though this will be like my 10th time there, I'm there so infrequently that I forgot what it's like to be in 26 degree weather.  GCOGH's "Explore" feature came in handy because I could filter the Fall and Winter outfits and see what other people on GCOGH wear in cold weather.

It feels like a big puzzle, but GCOGH helps me get my head on straight and get organized.  I love that I can see all my outfit options as I take screenshots because it gives me a clear view of what will be used more than once and what won't be.  It also helps me to see that, in this case for example, I will only be gone for 5 days, but I easily have at least 8 outfits with me.  Options for those moody days!  

All in all, I packed 9 pieces (besides my boots and accessories) and I have 8 outfits.  And it all fits in just ONE packing cube.  Feels pretty good!

And the best best best part is that I was able to do it all without having to rip my closet to shreds or having to clean it up later!  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm Off!

Top: H&M (option 1, option 2)  |  Jeans: Target (similar)  |  Flats: Gap (similar, similar)  |  Scarf: Old Navy (one--REALLY good option!, two, threefour)

As you read this, I'll be on a plane to Chicago, hopefully asleep.  I really, really hate early morning flights, and I will be glad when I don't have to do those on a regular basis anymore.  

These next few weeks are the final push until the craziness ends, but at least the conference that this whole year has built up to will be a BLAST.  Anyway, time to get off the computer and finish up a few things before I hop on the plane.

One last thing--yesterday I posted over at What the Frock with an outfit I wore to a holiday party last Friday.  Check it out here!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fall Packing Recap - 12 Pieces, 10 Outfits

A couple of weeks ago I showed you my Thanksgiving packing list and the outfits I wore during my trip.  Today is a recap with some extra possibilities (that I've worn before) that could be made out of these pieces.  I had fun doing this recap--it's like a mini fall remix!

Below are 10 outfits I collected, and more could have been made.  Like, I only used the sweatshirt, the tan cardigan, and the beige sweater cardigan once each!

(For #8, swap the grey jeans for blue & for #9 swap the gold flats for the cap toe flats or boots.)

It was wonderful to feel like I had soooo many outfits I could put together because last Thanksgiving I remember having packed horribly and hating the limited options I had!  

Anyway, I won't recap of each individual outfit with the larger version of the picture like I normally do, but if you'd like to see the original posts for any of these, find them here: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten.

A lot of these have become (or already were) some of my go-to outfits, which is probably why they were great to pack and remix.  It's actually kind of hard for me to choose a favorite, but the winner for most often worn is probably #4!  If you've got one, tell me your favorite!  


Monday, December 10, 2012

Pinterest Is the New Standard

Top: Target (shop)  |  Jeans: Loft  |  Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy's (see here for similar options)  |  Necklace: c/o Eclectic Ornaments

My outfit pics are so queued up that I don't even know what day I wore this outfit last week.  But it was worn, and that's the important part.

Anyway, how was your weekend?!  Mine was packed, but fun!  On Friday night we went to a Christmas party for our church and had some bombbbb Indian food.  (I frigging love Indian food.)  Then you might have seen on Instagram that on Saturday a couple friends and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Christine.  She's a wedding/event planner, so we knew we had to make her proud, and we did!  Not gonna lie, we were patting ourselves on the back for the shower looking like it ones we see on Pinterest.  Because, you know, the standard of how good a party is is whether or not it looks like Pinterest, right?  Ha.  Anyway, we never thought we could throw parties that looked (and tasted) like those--at least not with our budgets--but we shocked ourselves that we pulled it off without breaking the bank!  If I can get more pictures from a friend I'll be sure to post them.

Lastly, this scarf came in the mail from Eliza & Ro and it is SOOOOOO soft.  Just FYI in case anyone is looking for a striped scarf!

What'd you do this weekend?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Win $50 to a-thread!

Oh man, oh man.  This week you can win $50 to a-thread!  You should be excited.

a-thread is a new online boutique that offers fun, classic but quirky styles that incorporate trends in ways every woman can wear!  Plus, a-thread gives back through their Shop & Effect program.  5% of each sale goes to their charity partners, which currently include Kiva, Children of the Night, Los Angeles Animal Services and Thirst Relief. 

Enter to win $50, but if you don't wanna wait, receive 10% off with code PUTTINGMETOGETHER10.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

December Sponsor Love - Discounts Galore for Holiday Shopping!

Time for a shout out to our amazing sponsors!  Psst!  if you are hunting for gifts, try one of these shops and give our sponsors some love.

Guys, I'm freaking addicted to Go Chic or Go Home.  I use it to create outfits with the virtual closet and find LOADS of inspiration from all of the other community members.  The more I use GCOGH the less I care to shop.  Not even joking.  I feel like my closet has quadrupled and like I have way too many outfit possibilities!  Plus, you can earn points towards amazing stores like J.Crew, ASOS, and Madewell.

Here's a peek inside:

GCOGH is definitely something worth checking out if you are trying to work your own closet!  And it's totally free, so give it a shot.

P.S. Check out their Facebook page--they give away free stuff like $50 gift cards to any retailer GCOGH works with--like J.Crew and ASOS to name a couple!

a-thread is a new online boutique that offers fun, classic but quirky styles that incorporate trends in ways every woman can wear! It's also about more than just fashion--they believe in giving back to the community in every way they can, through their Shop & Effect program.  5% of each sale goes to a-thread's charity partners, which currently include Kiva, Children of the Night, Los Angeles Animal Services and Thirst Relief. 

Items to check out:

Discount code: PUTTINGMETOGETHER10 for 10% off

From Rebecca: I am so excited to be a part of Mary Kay! We have some of the most wonderful skin care and cosmetic products in the world! But even more important, Mary Kay provides opportunities for growth and improvement to women throughout the world.  I would love to provide you with a facial and makeover and can even arrange to do this by phone with you!

Items to check out:

Promo: Free gift for every order over $40!

Graggamuffin is an Etsy shop that specializes in handmade ceramic tile coasters.  Shop owner Sarah favors bright colors and funky patterns, and these coasters make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, or "just because!"  Every coaster set is one-of-a-kind and totally unique.  

Items to check out:

Discount code: PMT10 for 10% off!

Eliza & Ro Etsy shop  |  Facebook

Eliza & Ro is a label of handmade scarves, jewelry, clutches, and accessories based in Northern California. Each item is an original design created and crafted lovingly by hand using new and vintage materials.  These will make great gifts!

From shop owner Rose: I have been sewing and creating since I can remember, apprenticed by my artist mother. My love affair with fabric, design, and textures that began at a young age still flourishes today through Eliza & Ro.  My hope is that Eliza & Ro can help women to feel more confident in their style with the right accessories.

Items to check out:

Discount code: PMT15 for 15% off!

Daisy Rae is an online boutique with unique pieces that help you look chic without breaking the bank.  Owner Kacie Ellis works hard to provide great pieces for under $50.  

Items to check out:

Discount code: HOLIDAY for 20% off!

Merrick is the bomb dot com, and she's a whiz with a sewing machine.  You wanna learn to make the most of your wardrobe?  How about taking a lesson from her in refashioning garments!  Plus, she dresses so dang cute, and while we're at it, her kids are dang cute too.  Follow along at Merrick's Art

Happy shopping!  If you get a chance, tell me what you're eyeing from these sponsors!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Top: H&M (one, two, three)  |  Cardigan: H&M (similar)  |  Jeans: Forever 21 (one, two)  |  Flats: Old Navy (one, two)

I know, I've been wearing these black jeans a lot.  Sorry, peeps.  A series of busy weeks calls for "go mode," aka a jeans rut.  Jeans and plaid, that's how I roll to get business done.  Creative juices will flow once again when all craziness ceases in January...hopefully.

Anyway, I originally planned to wear this outfit like the second picture, but I went with the first one instead.  I like the contrast of the darker tan cardi in the second pic better than the beige one above, but the second outfit was a little fussy.  The look needed a belt, but the cardigan wouldn't stay in place with the belt so I scrapped it.  Which way would you wear it?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crazy is Upon Us

Dress: Target (similar)  |  Sweater: Old Navy (similar: one, two)  |  Booties: Target (similar: one, two)

Busy week.  Scratch that--busy MONTH ahead.  You might have heard me talking here and there through out the year about the big work conference coming up right after Christmas.  You know, the one that's been taking over my life.  I have one last rehearsal in Chicago next week, and back up to NorCal for Christmas, and then St. Louis for the conference!  It's gonna get crazy up in here.  If I'm MIA more than usual or if I don't write much over the next few weeks, please send some encouragement my way.  Your comments and emails always make me smile!

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Blazer: thrifted (similar: onetwothreefourfive)  |  Top: Old Navy (similar: onetwo)
Cardigan: Tilly's (shop, see here for lots of other options)  |  Jeans: Ann Taylor
Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy's (see here for options)

Sooo, forgive me, I'm a little slow sometimes.  I wanted to recreate this layered look, but I didn't have similar tops or a pullover sweater.  What I drew from it, though, was pairing a plaid shirt with a sweater in a similar color.  That solved the color problem, but the other problem was that I didn't have a pullover sweater in a color similar to any of my plaid shirts.  Well, I don't have many pullover sweaters, period.  (Just two striped ones.)  I can't seem to find the right ones for myself, but I have a growing collection of cardigans.  Then I finally realized that I could do a similar effect by keeping my cardigan buttoned up!  Duh for some of you, but newsflash to me.  (I said I'm a little slow.)  Perhaps I'm a little too thrilled that I got to recreate the look without having to buy a pullover.  Whoop whoop!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Win $25 from Daisy Rae Boutique!

This week Daisy Rae Boutique is giving one lucky winner $25 to their shop!

Daisy Rae Boutique is owned by Kacie Ellis.  Kacie works hard to find chic but affordable pieces--everything is under $50!  I'm a sucker for blazers, and I'm loving the two above.

Kacie is offering 20% off with code HOLIDAY.  Don't wait until the giveaway is over!  Pick up your favorite pieces with this great discount!

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