Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dorky Shade of Yellow

Dress (shop), Cardigan, Belt, Booties: Target  |  Tights: We Love Colors

Do you have color combos that you tend to avoid?  I've mentioned before how I have an aversion to holiday-inspired colors.  Well, another for me is purple and yellow.  It flashes me straight back to high school, awkward teenage years and all.  Our school colors were royal purple and gold--a combo I like--but most "gold" items turned out to be a dorky shade of yellow.  How can a shade of yellow be dorky?  I don't know, but it was.  Now, whenever I see purple and yellow, sirens go off in my head screaming, "Dorky!!"  With this outfit, I talk myself out of it by telling myself that this is "mustard and maroon," not purple and that dorky shade of yellow.  Purple and yellow = dorky, awkward teenage years.  But mustard and maroon?  Me likey.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patterned Skirts

Top: Target  |  Skirt:  MNG by Mango via JCPenny (shop)  |  Tights: Old Navy
Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy's  |  Necklace: Anthropologie (gift)

I've searched high and low for months for a floral skirt because I don't have any patterned skirts.  I've come to believe that having a few patterned bottoms are key to helping me build a remixable wardrobe.  They are a far cry from my typical skinny jeans and help me to wear basic shirts, like this denim top, in a more interesting way.  And pockets?  Pockets will always be the keys to my heart.

I have just a few topics left for the remaining posts on Building a Remixable Wardrobe.  They'll probably be less robust and involve less how-to's.  Instead, they'll talk about the third piece of "3 Things I Needed to Learn" (found in the "Intro" section), discussing the pieces I needed to add to serve as foundational building blocks for mixing and matching.  A floral skirt was one of them!  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Muted Neutrals & Statement Necklaces

Top: Banana Republic  |  Sweater: Old Navy  |  Grey skinnies: Gap Outlet  |  Boots: Dolce Vita via Macy's (gift)
Bag: Old Navy  |  Necklace: World Market

Three trips, two weeks, five guest posts later, and I'm baaaack!  THANK YOU CaitlinRachelHaleyMerrick, and Jenni for some seriously fantastic guest posts.  To be honest, I felt the guest posts were so good that I didn't know how to pick up from there and got a little insecure about posting today's outfit.  But a while back I made a vow to myself to not shy away from posting an outfit based on insecurity or fear that it wasn't "special" enough.  Because, really, who declares what is "special" and what isn't?  So much of style is subjective!

Today's outfit is what I ran errands in this weekend.  I liked all of the muted neutrals together, but I knew it was missing something.  There was just no focal point to the outfit, so adding a statement necklace did the trick.  Whenever I feel like an outfit is missing something, I either try to add a belt or a necklace to create a central focal piece for the outfit.  

Even though my colors matched the cloudy day, the tiny bits of turquoise/mint/yellow/gold put a pep in my step.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

PINK Pants 4 Ways! (from Found In My Closet)

For our final guest post of this week, Jenni from Found in My Closet is here to remix PINK JEGGINGS!

Hi everyone!  My name is Jenni and I write a little blog called "Found in My Closet".  I'm so happy to be filling in for Audrey while she's away...I love reading her fun blog!

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes a lot of fun new trends.  Some of these trends tend to come and go over the years.  One trend that seems to be making a huge comeback this spring is that of bright neon denim!  Now, let me be the first to admit I was a little hesitant to get on board with colored denim at all...it took me a while.  Once I started though, I never looked back!  I love this trend and own red, orange, green, purple...and my newest addition to my closet is bright pink!  Bright neon denim is HUGE this Spring.  Retailers all over are carrying neon denim.  I've seen them at Anthropologie, J Crew, Target, Old Navy, Gap...you can pretty much find them anywhere at all different price ranges.  I happened to pick up my new bright pink pair of ankle length jeggings at American Eagle last week when they were having their $10 off all jeans promotion.  How cute are these:

They are unfortunately sold out online now in the bright pink, but you can also pick them up in red, cobalt blue, a lemon-lime yellow, grey and white HERE for $44.50 (without a promo).  Also, check in stores for stock...that's where I grabbed mine. Just for reference, they run a little on the smaller side.  They are jeggings so they're meant to be tight fitting.  I usually wear a size 0-2 in jeans and I took these in a size 2.

When I brought them home I decided to play a little on Polyvore with how I wanted to wear these.  The most obvious colors to pair with something as bright as these are white and black.  It's good to have a bit of a neutral color thrown in when you have something as bright as these fun jeggings.  So here are a few ideas of how to incorporate bright pink jeans into your wardrobe:

Option #1

Merino Tatted Lace Sweater/AE Jeggings

Even though I stuck with a neutral on top, you can still have a little fun at the feet and wear a cute leopard print flat.  I actually consider leopard print a neutral too.  They go with anything!

Option #2

Pink, Blue and Polka Dots

I love the pink and blue pairing in this option and feel it works because of the neutral polka dot top in the middle of it all.  It's all about balance!

Option #3

Sequin Cardi/Cabomba Blouse/Bright Pink Jeggings

This option is a little more colorful as I've paired the jeans with a floral print top.  Still keeping in mind the idea of balancing it all out, I threw in a more neutral cardigan.  Silver sequins are neutral right?  Of course!

Option 4

Cotton Candy and Lemonade

For this outfit I took a neutral colored striped shirt and brought in another bright accent color with the jewelry and shoes.  I happen to think yellow and pink are super cute together so I would wear this combination in a heartbeat!

So from these four outfits you can see I pretty much stick to the rule of always incorporating at least one neutral color with my bright pink jeans.  As long as you have at least one neutral mixed in, you won't look like a clown.  It's all about balancing out colors.

Are you a fan of the colored jeans trend?  Or do you feel like you're stepping straight out of the 80's if you start wearing them? Will you be wearing bright and neon colored jeans this spring?  What colors do you have in your closet already?  Chime in!

When Jenni first told me she wanted to remix pink jeggings I wasn't sure about it, but I trusted her.  After seeing her post I was very pleasantly surprised!  She makes pink jeggings look so easy, doesn't she?  

Stop by Jenni's blog, Found in My Closet and say hello!

Thank you to all of the ladies who guest posted this week!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

8 Pieces, 14 Outfits (from Merrick's Art)

OH.MY.GOSH.  So far I've loved all of these guest posts, and today is no exception.  Today we have Merrick from Merrick's Art, who you may remember remixed a little black dress five ways.

Well, Merrick is back, and has one doozie of a post in store for us.  Hold on to your seats!

Hi Guys! I'm Merrick from Merrick's Art, and I'm so excited to be over here on Putting Me Together today!

I have been loving Audrey's last few posts about building a remixable wardrobe, so I thought I'd stay in that vein today. I want to show you how just a few good pieces in your wardrobe can make nearly endless outfits. You don't have to have a million clothes, you just have to buy pieces that can work a lot of different ways, and then learn how to mix and match them.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge....well, today I'm doing a little spin on that, and chose eight items from my closet. But didn't just make eight outfits -- I made as many as I could. There are fourteen looks that I created, but even more are possible, and I'll show you how as we go through each outfit.

For my eight pieces, I chose two tops, one dress, one skirt, two pairs of pants, one cardigan, and one jacket. Most of you probably have items very similar to these in your closet.

And here are my fourteen outfits:

Now let's break it down.

Outfit #1:

Because the skirt and top are very colorful, I went with nude heels, but then added a little bit of pattern and bling with the jewelry. The shirt could also be untucked and belted for a different look.

Outfit #2:
 The striped dress from gap is awesome because it can be a dress, a top, or a skirt. I used it as a top here underneath my green skirt. To create another outfit, you could wear the cardigan instead of the jacket.

Outfit #3:
 The best thing about this patterned blouse is that you can wear it tucked in, half tucked, or fully untucked, all of which create different looks. Here I tucked it into the pencil skirt and added tights and heels for a little bit dressier look. The blouse could also be untucked and belted for a different look -- which is exactly what I did in the next outfit...

Outfit #4:
 My favorite pattern mixing combo is stripes and floral, and although this top isn't really floral, it has that feel. With the blouse untucked and belted, it has a totally different feel than outfit #3. 

Outfit #5:
 I really love the simplicity of this outfit. The belt at the waist adds some depth and structure, and the leather jacket and sparkly shoes give the simple dress a little edge. 

Outfit #6:
 Pattern mixing once again create a simple, but fun outfit. I added a little pop of color with the earrings just so the outfit wasn't all black and brown. 

Outfit #7:
 After seeing Audrey tie the front of her blouse in last weeks post, I was inspired to do the same. The jacket could again be substituted with the cardigan for another outfit.

Outfit #8:
For this outfit, I tucked up the striped dress and made it into a shirt. You could layer the jacket, cardigan, or even blue button over this striped top to create three additional outfits. Or you could swap out your pants for even more outfits.

Outfit #9:
 Doing a half-tuck with this blouse creates another entirely different look. Again, this could be layered with the jacket or the cardigan for another couple outfits.

Outfit #10:
 Doing a half-tuck with the button up creates a unique and casual look. This could be layered with the jacket and cardigan also for a few additional looks. 

Outfit #11:
 Although this outfit is very similar to outfit #10, the full tuck and skinny belt give it an entirely different feel. And same as above, it can be layered with the jacket or cardigan.

Outfit #12:
 Layering the blouse and button up together, and then belting it, creates depth and visual interest. You could also take off the belt and tuck both of these shirts in or do a half tuck.

Outfit #13:
 Black and white are just meant to be together. I added a little variation with the brown boots, but kept it simple besides that. Either of your blouses could be paired under the cardigan, the jacket could be layered on top, or you could belt the cardigan.

Outfit #14:
 A really simple way to change the look of your outfit is just to zip up your jacket. I also cuffed my jeans for more casual look. The other blouse could be paired underneath instead for another look.

So basically, if you fill your closet with items that can be worn in multiple ways (as Audrey is showing us through her Remixable Wardrobe series), and accessorize in interesting and fun ways, the possibilities for outfits are nearly endless, no matter how many actual clothing items you have. This post is proof of that.  Now go get remixing!

WOW.  Right?  Like I say often here, it's amazing what subtle changes like cuffing your pants or doing a little tucking can do to take an outfit to the next level.

Thank you, Merrick!  This post actually inspired me to not want to buy something and continue "working my closet."

Stop by Merrick's blog, Merrick's Art, and say hello!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Four Ways to Style White Pants (from Cardigan Junkie)

Another item that was requested in the Wardrobe Help Survey was for a One Piece Different Ways post using white pants.  Since I don't own white pants either I'm excited to introduce you to Haley from Cardigan Junkie to remix them for us!

Hello ladies!  I'm Haley from Cardigan Junkie, and I'm really excited to be filling in for Audrey today.  I love Audrey's style, and her realistic take on building a wardrobe of pieces that are versatile and wearable without necessarily being expensive.

I love helping women see the potential in their own closets and start wearing things they already own in new ways.  When I heard that some of you were interested in some options for styling white jeans, I jumped at the chance to put together some options!  I think that white jeans can look great on a huge range of body types without adding weight or looking too summery.

A straight-leg style will be the most flattering and versatile, so I've styled a pair in some ways that are a bit less obvious than the usual denim jacket, striped top, or patterned tunic.

white jeans

The same pair of white jeans can take you out shopping, to dinner, and then on a date.  I just inspired myself to work my leopard pumps into the white jeans rotation, and would love to hear how you plan to wear yours!

Thanks again to Audrey for hosting me today - I had fun writing this post!  Please stop by Cardigan Junkie sometime and say hello - I'd love to meet you!

Can we give Haley a round of applause for her amazing post?  My favorite is the green top with the black blazer and that fabulous clutch.  Kinda makes me wanna get some white pants!

Be sure to stop by Haley's blog, Cardigan Junkie!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Layering (from for the birds)

Some of you asked for a post on layering, and since I live in San Diego and don't really need to or know how to layer, today we have Rachel from for the birds to give some tips!  

I love Rachel's thritfy fashion, and am excited to have her back to guest post!

Hello! I'm Rachel from for the birds. You may remember me from this post that I did on thrifting a few months ago. Audrey has asked me back (thanks!) to talk about another topic - layering!

Unlike <lucky> Audrey, I don't live in a climate that is predictable and sunny. Here in Northeast Ohio, we have good days and bad days - actually, it's more like good hours and bad hours! Sometimes the day will start cloudy and cold and end up sunny and warm.. you never know what you're going to get. Ohioans like to think that keeps us on our toes.. but it's more like it forces us to layer. Even in the summer I'm usually carrying around a light cardi, just in case it cools off too much in the evening.

One challenge to layering that we face is looking bulky, frumpy and just generally not put-together. Here are some tips on how I've learned to avoid that!

1) When you're layering on top, wear something more fitted on the bottom. I love to wear blazers, but they don't always fit snugly enough to look flattering. If you pair a loose fitting blazer with a loose fitting pair of pants or skirt.. it could very easily take a turn for frumpy. Here I'm wearing a blazer layered over a vest and a collared top. If I wasn't wearing skinny jeans with it, it probably wouldn't have worked.

2) Try layering a fitted collared top under a fitted sweater. In general, when you think of wearing a collared top under a sweater, you'd reach for an over-sized sweater. Next time, try layering a long sleeve top under a lighter sweater. Because you're wearing long sleeves underneath you'll still have the warmth without the bulk. (Side note: check out your local thrift stores for light sweaters. Both of mine are from Goodwill. Shop in the spring for great deals on sweaters!)

3) This doesn't necessarily have to do with bulky-ness, but more with style. When you're wearing a long-sleeved top under a sweater or cardigan, let a little bit of the sleeve show. It ties the look together!

4) Layering with hats is definitely a do! It adds a little bit of color and extra character to an outfit and keeps your head warm.

5) Try layering with vests! Your arms are still exposed so you won't get too hot and you can always take it off if you do.

6) Don't forget tights! Tights under shorts is one of my favorite looks this year.  Your legs stay surprisingly warm! Grandpa sweaters are also a favorite of mine..just make sure you don't pair them with grandpa-style baggy pants :)

Don't be afraid to layer, just make sure you're doing it right! Don't buy things that are overly baggy (even though the comfort factor is tempting..) and if you do, don't pair that item with another loose fitting piece. When done correctly, layering can really make an outfit pop. It's such a great way to add elements of character, color and style.

Well thanks for having me for a day! Feel free to pop over and say "hey!" ☺

Thanks, Rachel!  Be sure to check out her blog, for the birds!

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