Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Be back soon!

Blogging Break
Life is nuts right now, guys.  I'm swamped, and I'm physically, emotionally, and spiritually d-r-a-i-n-e-d.  Work is getting crazy busy.  I'll be on a blogging break for the next week or two.  Just letting you know so that you don't think I've abandoned you all of a sudden.  I'll be back when work slows down--I promise!  

In the meantime, I have questions for you all.

Question #1: Link-ups
I've LOVED getting to know you guys a little more by checking out your Go Chic or Go Home lonely pieces outfits.  Kinda makes me want to start hosting a link-up so that I can get to know more of you, but I'm not sure yet.  My biggest fear (though it may sound dumb to you) is that no one will participate and the link up will be lonely.  Just being honest!

Anyway, I'm not sure if that's something I want to do yet, and I also can't decide what kind of link up I'd want to do to get to know you guys better.  

While I'm away, I wanna hear your thoughts on link-ups.  If you have time, answering any or all of the following would be helpful!

  • Do you participate in link-ups?  What do you like about them and what kinds of linkups do you participate in?  Would another simple outfit linkup with no challenges be of interest, or just adding more noise?
  • Do you actually visit other people's blogs through the link-up?  What kinds of link ups / topics make you want to visit other people's blogs?

Question #2: Forums
I get TONS of emails and comments from you guys with style questions, and while I LOVE answering them sometimes it feels overwhelming if I try to get to all of them.  I saw that Clothed Much has a forum where people can post questions and have them answered by other readers.

  • Would a forum on this blog be helpful for you?  Would you actually ask your questions on that instead?  
  • If you're comfortable answering other people's style questions, would you actually check the forum regularly enough to catch people's questions?  (No help having a forum if I'm still the one answering all of the questions, right?  :)  )

See ya soon, everyone!


  1. I like link-ups and do them pretty regularly. Usually style link ups and like to visit other blogs through them, I've found some of my favorite blogs this way. I do a monthly collaboration with 9 other bloggers once a month and we all send a link to our favorite outit/post of the month and then answer a reader question. The leader puts them all into a HTML format then we lost them at the end of the month. It incorporate style & getting to know each other which I think is so fun.

    Forum: Never used one and probably would not check it.
    Enjoy some time off, sometimes life get overwhelming and a break is needed.


  2. Trust me everyone will link up if you do one. I've been wondering why you haven't done one yet. Forums- probably will not utilize. I read enough blogs as it is. You could do a monthly link up different from the ones already out there. Maybe based on what your blog is about- what you teach/show on the blog, or based on a question that was asked you then you can have us link up the solution. For example a question like how do i wear a scarf or how do you wear booties, or how do you flatter your body type .....could turn into a link up subject.
    K at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  3. Forums seem like a lot of work, but link ups are fun! I prefer to do ones where we're given a photo to interpret and then I can see how everyone does that. Just incorporating one piece into an outfit doesn't really do it for me.

    Enjoy your break! Everyone needs one now and then.

  4. Re: Forums. How about having a regular (monthly/bi-weekly?) "open thread" post, where readers can post their style questions and give each other advice? You'd still be able to offer your own opinion, but it wouldn't be all on you.

  5. Heh, I guess I''m the only one so far in favor of a forum, I love them! It's way more fun for interacting with each other, as opposed to the sort of one-sided conversation you get with a blog and comments, plus really amazing communities can be built out of them. So a huge yes to a forum for me, I would LOVE one and check it every day! To be honest, I'm way more of a forum girl than a linkup girl, unless I now way ahead of time what the linkup topic will be, I usually pass on them, they're just not quite as much fun. (So, it's not like I'm really pushing for a forum or anything! ^_^) Take it easy on your break a little bit!

  6. I love link-ups! I have found so many great blogs that way (ThePleatedPoppy.com for What I Wore Wednesdays). Linking up is an easy way for new bloggers to let the world know they exist, and to get inspiration.

    I'm not sure how helpful a forum would be, just because either everyone agrees about something (e.g., don't wear pajamas to work) or it will be split 50-50-ish (e.g., can you wear tights or pantyhose with open toe shoes). The other problem I foresee is that the topics will be limited to what we already read about on blogs... unless the forum is exclusive to new looks and creative ideas?

  7. I blog-surf through link-ups and my favourite is WIWW on the pleated poppy. I have found a few good blogs for myself that way. I would visit a link-up that features bling and jewellry and accessories that add that extra pizzazz to outfits. Or one that showcases how people store or organise all the things in their wardrobe. A link-up could be based on colour, a season, or a piece of clothing/shoe/accessory that's announced the previous week. It would have to be related to outfits or clothes because fashion is something we tackle everyday & besides, that is what your blog is about too! Personally, I don't do forums.
    I wish you the best on your blog-break because you deserve it! You really do!

  8. I'm a recent member of your blog and I really enjoy it. I'm from Portugal. Hope to "read you" soon, and that you get better!

  9. I would definitely participate in a link up. I do some link ups that are quality over quantity.


  10. I'd be interested in a linkup! =)

  11. Id be interested for sure! I haven't participated in any link-ups recently but I am interested in starting again. I need more to blog about. Besides, I have been more interested in working my wardrobe in different ways and I'd be curious to see what others think:)

  12. I love link ups, especially if they're themed -- a biweekly "thrifter Thursday" or "EBEW" for example versus a "link up so we can all get more hits". Not so much feeling a forum though to be honest. Take care, Audrey!

  13. Probably would not do either but just wanted to say that your blog has given me so many ideas of looking at my wardrobe differently. I don't comment at all but just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  14. I have a few linkups I love like Everybody, Everywear and Marionberry Style's trend of the month that have specific prompts - it's an easy outfit inspiration and post topic in one, and it's fun to see ideas from other people on the same trend or type of clothing (so I do visit many of the links that catch my eye). If you can come up with a fun theme, I bet you'll get lots of people!
    p.s. hang in there! hope you get some R&R in soon.

  15. I have no idea what a link-up is but if it existed I would probably participate. I think I would participate in a forum too. Basically, any more interaction I can get it related to this blog, style questions, etc., would be awesome in my opinion.

  16. I would definitely do a link up.
    I like LT, suggestions of having an open thread post. I would be more likely to do that than a forum. Sometimes depending on how big a forum gets, it can be overwhelming and people's questions can get missed.
    But most definitely a link up would be fun. If you did a theme colored or asked a style question and everyone would answer it in their unique way. It's fun to see how different people dress in different parts of the country, too!

  17. I initially did a few link-ups but sometimes it feels like you are jumping through hoops (I.e. must be a brand new post, must have the button displayed on your blog, must have the button displayed on the post, must comment on so many blogs, etc, etc.). It's easy to do the hoop jumping if you don't already post regularly, you know? I've been thinking abot a low-key link-up, and I feel like that's probably what you would do, and you would have TONS of blogs link up.

    I have found blogs that I still read through link-ups, but not many. However, I would participate in your link-up and I would visit blogs. I think it's a good idea!

  18. I love link-ups and would definitely participate in yours if you decide to run one. I think that sticking to a theme would be a good idea as long as the rules weren't too strict! Just something simple and low-key. I feel like you would get lots of people participating because your blog is definitely big enough to host something like that. I say go for it!

  19. I like the idea of a link-up, I think that would work well for your site too! I love the idea suggested below of getting everybody to interpret an inspiration photo, that would be really interesting :)

  20. 1. I participate in link ups, and always look at other people's posts. I found some of my favorite blogs that way! Maybe having a theme about "putting yourself together" like "wear something you haven't worn in a while" or "wear something in an unconventional way" challenges, even if its once a month, gives us a way to put ourselves together!
    2. I love the idea of a forum. I participate a lot in other online forums, but none about dressing so it would be fun to have that place to go!

  21. i have no idea what a link up is. i like forums. Thanks for all your continued hard work on this blog. i really like it. come back soon!

  22. I have never heard of a link up but I love the sound of a forum. I already have a question or two in mind.
    Miss you already! Hope you have a relaxing break.

  23. Hi, I hear that you are drained, so I wanted to give you at least what I hope is a little boost. I wanted to thank you for your blog. I work in supported employment supporting adults with special needs. I am working with a young man who is doing a work experience in a retail clothing store and he is feeling overwhelmed right now at the amount he needs to learn in a short period of time - particularly about putting outfits together. I was able to forward him this blog because it has helped me tremendously in discovering how to put outfits together in a simple straightforward way. This is the one blog that really breaks it down, and has been a fabulous tool for me to rework my closet (thanks for saving me money) and to teach my overwhelmed client how to better assist clients. SO, big THANK YOU!!! You have been a social workers best friend this week!!!

  24. I love link-ups, but probably wouldn't participate because I don't have a fashion blog - could we participate with something else, like GCOGH? Oh, and I do like forums, and post questions to them. I'm pretty much a style newbie though, and probably wouldn't answer much besides to say "that looks great to me!" types of stuff.

  25. Enjoy your blog break!

    I do like link-ups. I've only participated in a few, but they are a great way to find new blogs, and I really like clicking around and finding new reads when bloggers host them.

    And as for the forum... eh... I'd say no. If you think you have enough people interested and willing to keep it alive, then I say go for it. I've seen too many sites with great traffic implement forums/discussion areas that start off fine, but then after a few weeks... crickets. Especially since your blog is more of a "personal style... and helpful tips" blog, it is still very much focused on YOU, and people don't associate (ok, just me) it with a "community"... you know? Maybe if a lot of people are asking you questions, you can do a formspring-type deal, or a tumblr that answers fashion questions, but like you said, it would still be exhausting and wouldn't solve your problem.

    I would suggest you should post the questions you receive in a blog post every so often and open it up to discussion in the comment section. People are going to come to your blog posts more than they would remember to go into a forum (especially if you have to register and stuff). Good luck!

  26. I actually love the link up idea and honestly the forum idea...I LOVE going to forums but I struggle to visit them often enough nowadays because of things like FB, etc. There are sooo many social networking sites that it's hard to keep up but I TOTALLY prefer forums since the community is so much more intimate and connected....so if you start it, I definitely will support you by registering and trying to remember to log on but I know I struggle sometimes to keep up with all the social networking sites.

    However, I DEFINITELY think a link up would be great! I LOVE doing those and I am contemplating hosting a link up on my own site as well but I don't know. But anyway, love the idea! :) Definitely willing to support you on that idea! :)

    Enjoy your blogging break!!


  27. link ups are fun, but it might take a few times to get people to link up...that's a valid thought!! as for forums, i don't visit them much, but i think they are a good idea!

  28. It sounds like maybe a forum would help control and contain all of your questions in one place and make it easier on you to answer. That's probably why you're so drained! Just too dang popular... ;)

    Hope you have a nice break from the blog. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to 'seeing' you soon!

  29. well not to make it about me, but...isn't that just my luck!! I only stumbled upon your blog earlier this week, loved it, caught up on all your previous posts and then, break. Ugh. Can't wait until you return! ;)

  30. Have a good break!

    Just one question though, does this mean we will have to wait a few weeks to find out who won the Go Chic or Go Home Challenge? No rush or anything, I'm just curious!

  31. I don't have a blog, and not really interested in starting one, but forums would be fun!

  32. I've actually been looking for a forum to ask basic questions and opinions. I'm just starting to try and figure out how to make the most of my wardrobe, but now and then I find a piece that I'm just not sure what to do with, so I would love somewhere to talk about these things. I don't have a blog though, and I'm not exactly sure what a link-up is or how it works, but it sounds like it's just a network of collected, connected links, right? On forums, a lot of people just link their blog in their signatures, and usually if their forum activity intrigues me, I visit their blog. :) Especially if they're kind enough to respond to something I've posted!

    Anyway, if there was a forum, I'd probably visit it fairly regularly, though I tend to be a lurker. Still, I'd also be happy to offer my thoughts/opinions/answers to other people with questions. :) Enjoy your break!

  33. On question #1 - Yes. I totally visit link ups. That's how I ended up here, on your blog.

  34. hope you are enjoying your break! a fashion forum would be a great idea!

    Sandy a la Mode

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