Saturday, March 10, 2012

11 Random Things

I was tagged by Stephanie for an 11 Random Things post.

Normally I hesitate about doing these since this is a style blog, but I was traveling again all last week and need a little break from the normal outfit post.  And, I figure once in a while you might want to know random things about me.  Maybe?  :)

Also, there were a lot of rules and questions to answer and to make up, and since I was traveling, my brain isn't working.  So I simplified it to just posting 11 random things and tagging some peeps.

11 Random Things

1.  I am insanely amazing at getting cavities.

2.  I think I've had two sips of coffee in my life.

3.  My current favorite pair of pants are my pajamas--men's sweatpants!  Don't judge.

4.  If I wasn't in my current job, I'd be a Marriage & Family Therapist.  Or a personal stylist.  :P

5.  I've sung in front of 18,000 people, and I'm gonna do it again in December!  (That's why I'm traveling so much this year.)

6.  I sleep with my eyes part way open.  Not on purpose.  I told you, my eyes are kind of big.

7.  I had braces for 7 years.

8.  I have a younger brother and an older sister, and 3 half siblings who are nine, four, and two.  My siblings and I hardly look alike:

from 2009

9.  I don't really like Glee but I watch every single episode.  I also watch The Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, and Modern Family religiously, but I actually like them.

10.  Since high school, I've wanted to be the singing voice of a Disney movie character.

11.  Superhero power of choice: flying.  Easy.


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(For the original "rules" and other questions, go here.)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What you sing!??! I will love to hear you! :D

  2. You are so precious!
    I think you would rock as a personal stylist ;)

  3. i would totally welcome you as my personal stylist!! and my baby sleeps with his eyes partly open sometimes too haha!!

  4. Um... I had a lot of fun reading this, actually. (: And thanks for the tag! I'll fit it in tomorrow (ish) instead of my homework. *cough*

  5. Love getting a sneak peak into your life!  xoxo A-

  6. You don't drink coffee?!?  *gasp*  But you like boba, and that's awesome!  :)

    I was just talking to my brother yesterday.  He's finally getting his braces off in 3 weeks, after having them for 6 years.  I didn't know of anyone having them on as long as that.  You win!  LOL

  7. What the heck?! Who knew you were a big time singer?? I want to know more :) 

  8. Urbana??? I used to work for IV and I went to Urbana 2000; I was also dating the drummer at the time! Ha!


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