Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Remix Recap

Though sometimes it felt stressful to do the 30 for 30, I learned a lot through the process and gained helpful insight to move me along in my style journey.  Taking daily pictures of your outfits is kind of eye-opening!  It reminds me of how as a singer, the best tool for me to improve was to listen to recordings of myself, so I guess it kinda makes sense how taking pictures was so insightful for me regarding style.

My favorites are 1, 3, 12, 19, 28, and 29.  

I can't say I'm proud of every outfit, but I can say I'm proud of what I've learned.  I tried to do the 30 for 30 a few months ago when I first discovered style blogs.  (I can't believe I've only been reading style blogs for a few months!  It feels like it's been years now.)  Anyway, I don't think I even lasted a week because I quickly realized my closet was full of one-hit wonders.  I started assessing my closet to figure out what pieces I could buy to make what's already in my closet more versatile.  I shopped with new eyes and paid more attention to basics and accessories and started imagining different things you could do with garments (tucking, half-tucking, belting, knotting, different scarf techniques, etc.).  Yes, I started to figure this stuff out only a few months ago.  I'm behind the times, okay peeps?

The fact that I could actually finish a 30 for 30 and not feel overwhelmed, fatigued, or fed up with my clothes tells me that my closet is on its way to becoming what I want it to be--versatile and somewhat efficient.  But, I've still got work to do!

Now that I've built up basics and accessories, until the next 30 for 30 I'm going to focus on...
  • Attaining more colored/patterned bottoms, particularly skirts since Fall is approaching and since I am just lacking skirts in my closet.  I've been trying, but it's been hard for me to find skirts for some reason!  
  • Layering.  The extent of my layering is usually a cami and a cardi or a blazer.  I want to experiment with other things such as vests or long-sleeve button-down shirts.

Thanks for sticking with me and encouraging me along the way!  Back to the rest of my closet, now.  :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Man-Attracting Thailand Bracelet

Top & Belt: Forever 21 | Skirt: Anthropologie | Wedges: Target (shop) | Bracelet: Thailand night market

I'm proud to say that I FINISHED!  I actually wanted to give up after #29.  Can you believe it?  I was one outfit away from finishing and I was going to throw in the towel, but I forced myself to throw on some clothes instead and post a 30th look.

My bracelet is from a night market in Thailand and whenever I look at it it brings me back to Thailand.  Do you have clothing that reminds you of places you've been or experiences you've had?

Here's a closeup (from another 30 for 30 look that I never posted!):

I have 3 of these in different colors, and so does my husband.  I used to only have one but when my friend also visited Thailand I asked her to buy me a handful more because my husband used to steal this bracelet from me and wear it.  And pretty much every single time he wore it, random, well-dressed men complimented him...and/or hit on him.  Little did we know this bracelet was such a man-magnet.  Or maybe it's just my husband.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Top: Target (shop)
Pants: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Belt: Forever 21
Cuff: Farmer's Market
Wedges: Target (shop)
Bag: Target (for $7.50!)

I had thought about putting these pieces together early on in the 30 for 30, but I felt intimidated because the colors were so bright and I hadn't done color blocking before.  The idea of color blocking with such bright colors freaked me out a little.  However, as the 30 for 30 progressed and as summer finally began to show itself in San Diego I found myself craving more color!  But I was still a little freaked out by the idea of color blocking with such bright colors.  BUT THEN...Kendi wore this outfit with the same color scheme, and I felt a kick in the butt to stop being intimidated and just do it.  So, I did.  And here it is.  

I'm proud to say I finally tried color blocking--I even added a touch of green!

pleated poppy

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Zoo-Worthy Scarf

Top: Old Navy
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Lucky via Nordstrom Rack
Yellow Flats: DSW

When: over the weekend
Where: band rehearsal at church & San Diego Night Zoo (sooooo fun!)

I saw a magazine picture of Hillary Duff wearing almost this exact outfit (with a cooler scarf) and was amazed and inspired.  I had all these pieces but would never have put them together.  I wouldn't have wanted to wear a tank top with jeans because I'd feel like I was ready to help someone with manual labor.  But this is a great example of how much one accessory like a scarf can change an outfit.  Without the scarf, this is just a $3 tank top and jeans, but roll the jeans and throw on a pretty scarf and voila!  You can look cute going to the zoo.

(Umm, and by the way, I really, really, really, really love going to the San Diego Zoo in the summer when it's open until 9pm.  Just thought you should know.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Final Stretch

Top: H&M
Blazer: Target (shop)
Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: NY & Co.
Wedges: Target (shop)

There's something about stripes and a blazer that I really enjoy, ya know?

Anyway, I'm in the final stretch of the 30 for 30, and on one hand I can't wait for it to be done, but on the other hand I don't even know what I'd wear next.  A lot of people can't wait to get through the challenge and return to their other clothes, but it almost seems overwhelming to go back to having so many choices!

I started this blog purposely to help me through my current style transition, and it lined up with the 30 for 30.  Both of those things have helped me start to redefine my style, but I'm still mid-process of figuring it out.  I've already begun a legit closet purge as the next step and will continue it this weekend.  I get rid of clothes every couple of months, but this time I feel like being ruthless.  I hope I don't regret it later!

Wishing you all happy and restful weekends!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cardigan Addiction

Okay, it's true.  I'm addicted to cardigans.  It all started because I'm always cold and in need of another layer, but then H&M and their vast array of colored cardigans moved into town a few years ago and I haven't been the same since.

When I first bought this cardigan I didn't know what I'd do with it.  In this picture it looks kind of teal, but in real life it's a bright, almost 80's kind of green.  I was inspired to keep it because J from J's Everyday Fashion posted this outfit with the exact same cardigan.  When I asked her what else she was going to pair it with she said, "Honestly, I don't know but I'm loving color these days so I'm sure I'll find something!"  I kept it even though I didn't know how I'd use it, added it to my 30 for 30, and have found it to be pretty useful.

You would think that's a good thing...but perhaps not...because it gives me confidence that I can buy more colored cardigans for no reason and will probably find uses for them.  Oh well, on with the addiction!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Twins? No thanks.

Dress: Target (shop)
Sandals: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21

I seriously love this dress.  The problem is that apparently other people do too.  In just the last week I've already seen this dress on two other women, one of whom was at a BBQ at my cousin's house.  I'm SO glad I wasn't wearing this dress at that BBQ.  There were only 15 people there and I didn't really know her and somehow the intimate setting and the not knowing her thing makes the situation even more awkward.  You know what I'm saying?  Like, I wouldn't have been able to avoid her if I'd tried.  Has that ever happened to you?  What do you even do in a sitch like that?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magical Shorts

This is another outfit I wore a while ago but forgot to post.  It was one of those hot weekends where you could hardly stand to have anything touching your body.  Somehow I managed to tolerate a necklace.

These shorts amuse me because they're linen and have every type of closure imaginable--a zipper, a hook-and-eye, a button, and faux drawstrings...and if that weren't enough, the whole waistband is elastic.  Like gym shorts.  When I wear these I feel like I'm cheating because they're so comfy, but if I can feel like I'm wearing gym shorts and still look presentable, I'll take it.  The best part is that I can wear these shorts instead of wearing maternity pants when I want to stuff myself beyond belief.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Bright Side

Dress: Target (shop similar)
Scarf: H&M
Belt: Forever 21
Sandals: Old Navy 

I'm on day 4 of a post-vacation cold, and my nose and head are pluh-uggged.  I forget how annoying it can be to be sick.  However, on the bright side...is this dress and this scarf!  These pictures are so bright and cheery that when I look at them I momentarily forget that breathing through my mouth is making me lightheaded.  Normally when I'm at home I immediately change to pajamas, but I stayed in these clothes all day just so I could look down and catch a glimpse of happiness every once in a while until my stuffy nose got the better of me again.  You've gotta love it when clothes can brighten up your day.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Keep On

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Anthropologie
Heels: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Etsy (shop)

Before I discovered style blogs I only wore this shirt with skinny jeans.  I liked it...a lot...so much that it almost turned into my uniform.  But the top seemed like a one-hit wonder.

Now I'm doing crazy things like wearing this top with yellow shorts, tucking it into a skirt, and even pairing it with orange suede pumps.  The insanity!

But in seriousness, this outfit to me is a mark of how my style has evolved.  So far it's been a pretty fun journey, and I'm thankful to be on it with all of you!  Your comments make me smile through out the day and encourage me to keep on, keep on, keep on dancin' all through the night.  (I can't help it with all these tv/song references.  I'm just that much of a dork.  But since we're here, another 10 points if you get that reference!)

I'm gonna need to start giving real prizes if this sorta stuff continues to fly outta my mouth.  Er, fingers.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Show Me That Baby

Meet my friend Liz, who is 3 months pregnant!  Also, meet my dress, aka my new addition to my 30 for 30.  I feel like this dress and this print is very me--fairly clean lines with a bold color and subtle geometric print.  And, yes, it has pockets.  Winner!

Yesterday we talked about how one of our friends was 7 months pregnant, very swollen due to some complications, and still wearing her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and holding them up with a hair tie because she still didn't want to accept that she was pregnant.  No bueno.  Ill-fitting clothes did not make for a good look on her, people.

We continued by saying that more often than not, people look beautiful when they're embracing who they are, whatever size they are.  There's something beautiful about a person when they do that, is there not?  So last night Liz decided that instead of dressing to cover up that she's pregnant she was going to "look as pregnant as possible" instead of "sucking it in."  Yes...she was sucking in her baby.

Doesn't Liz look beautiful?  She looks like she's glowing as she sports her baby bump!  And while you're at it, check out her awesome yellow peep toe heels.  DROOL.

Anyway, the moral of the story is (and as Stacy and Clinton on WNTW always say), embrace and dress your body however it is right now, not what you wish for it to be.  That confidence will make you glow with a type of beauty that is intangible.

(P.S. Why is there Scotch tape on my arm?  Because it prevents mosquito bites from itching.  That's right, people.  Nothing but class here.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Surprise Blogger Meet Up

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Earrings: Target
Teal cuff: Forever 21
Sandals: Old Navy

Okay, my outfit posting is totally out of order because of all this traveling.  I still have a few more backlogged outfits from before I went on vacation, but we'll save those for another day.  Today I want to post this outfit so I can tell you something.

First of all, this is one of my go-to outfits in the summer.  A couple of days ago our friends hosted a BBQ and I literally tossed this dress on because I didn't want to think about getting dressed.  And, this dress is so soft it should be made into pajamas.

Anyway, two other families were invited to the BBQ, and I met a woman named Morgan for the first time.  The first thoughts that ran through my head when I met Morgan were:
  1. "OMG your kids are so cute I want to eat them."  (That's not weird, right?)
  2. "Morgan would be a cute style blogger...she should really start one."  (This is now the pathetic way I see the world after starting a blog.)
Soon after, I heard Morgan mention to her friend that she was starting the 30 for 30 that day.  My ears perked up and I blurted out that I was doing the 30 for 30 too.  Part of me instantly regretted it because I hadn't even told my friends that I started a style blog yet!  But soon after, my regret faded because I found out that Morgan also has a blog!

At Morgan's blog Mama Loves Papa, Morgan not only posts outfits from her 30 for 30, she tells stories about her FOUR awesome and so-cute-I-wanna-eat-them children, posts about their style, and talks about all other things related to marriage, motherhood, and style.

Check out Morgan and her family at Mama Loves Papa!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Top: Target (shop)
Skirt: Anthropologie
Belt: Thrifted
Wedges: Target (shop)

Two pieces of this outfit were irresistible to me.  First, this belt was the first belt I ever thrifted, and it was a whopping $1.  How could I say no?

Secondly, anytime I try on a skirt or dress and I'm not sure if I want to buy it, the second I find out it has pockets, I'm basically sold.  Pockets have a special place in my heart.  In fact, I get kind of mad at my dresses when they don't have pockets, and when I motion to stick my hands in pockets to no avail, it feels like a piece of me dies inside.  Oh, the disappointment.

(BTW, you peeps made me smile with the Fresh Prince stuff all day yesterday!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double Holla

Top: Forever 21 (shop)
Shorts: Old Navy, thrifted
Sandals: Old Navy (shop similar)
Necklace: thrifted

This is my first time participating in Everybody Everywear!  Theme: yellow.  Yellow and I were on okay terms.  I'd accessorized with pops of yellow, but as I posted before, yellow as a garment had its work cut out for it to win me over.  We worked it out, though.

I've worn this look a couple times on the weekends, but just haven't posted it.  Good thing too, because somehow yellow made its way into 7 out of my first 15 of my 30 for 30 outfits, and I was a little worried that I wouldn't have anything left for EBEW!  

The husband and I are chillin out, maxin', relaxin' all cool on our vacation.  (5 points if you know where that's from).  We've spent most of our time wading in rivers, and while we weren't in water I was in this outfit playing Monopoly Deal with two of our closest friends.  Hollaaaa for Monopoly Deal. Double holla for close friends. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

You Live, You Learn. #16 and #17

Outfit #16: Forever 21 top, shorts, belt | Target blazer | DSW flats
Outfits #17: Forever 21 top & belt | New York & Co. jeans | Target wedges

When: July 8, 2011

Another double header with outfits 16 & 17.  This is what I wore on the day we left for vacation.  I wore outfit #16 during the day and changed into jeans to get on the plane that evening.

I'm not sure I like the first outfit.  I like the idea of a blazer with shorts, but this top was giving me a hard time.  I would rather have not belted it, but it was too loose for the blazer.  Also, I think the pastel/light color thing with the added bonus of lace just isn't me.  I like that look on other people, but I'm concluding that bolder, brighter colors and patterns suit my personality better...and my skin tone!

So, I'm not in love with the outfit but I learned something, and I at least feel good about that.  :)  You live, you learn, right?  Right.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Putting Together My Suitcase

It hasn't even really registered to me that B (husband) and I are flying out to spend a week with our best friends!  After that, we're stopping to see our parents, so we'll be gone for nearly 2 weeks. 

It's normal for me to have to pack a suitcase anywhere from 1 to 3 times a month to travel for work, weddings, or vacation.  In honor of our upcoming vacation I thought I'd give you a peek into my suitcase.

I packed more for this trip than I normally pack because we'll be hiking and playing in lakes and waterfalls.  I'll be wearing wedges, my bulkiest shoes, on the airplane, and a pair of jeans.

Accessories.  I love compartmentalizing, so I stuck bracelets and necklaces in their own bags.  My friend gave me the jewelry holder and I always use it to pack earrings.  I think it was from H&M a few years ago.  It also has slots to keep delicate necklaces and bracelets untangled, but I don't own any of those... :)

As you can see, my hairdryer is a beast, but I can't live without it.

I get excited every time I pull out these packing cubes.  They don't necessarily save more space (nor do they fill up more space) but they keep things delightfully organized in my suitcase.  It also makes it easier for me to live out of my suitcase during my trip. 

Top packing cube: Undergarments, swimsuit, socks, workout/athletic clothes, pajamas
Lower packing cube: 2 layers of rolled clothes

The cubes come in various sizes as well! (shop)

 This is the bottom layer of my carry-on.  One packing cube fits perfectly in half of my carry-on.  Sometimes I line my running shoes around the perimeters of my suitcase, but that doesn't work as well with my hairdryer.  I think I tucked jewelry into the nooks and crannies.

Top layer!  Red bag is toiletries.  The second packing cube went on top of the shoes and hairdryer.  Two packing cubes would easily fit on top of each other with ample room, but I like to alternate the hard items and soft items (clothes) because if fits better and I like the idea of providing some cushion for the hard items in my suitcase.

And there's still room leftover for my phone and camera chargers.  Yay!

Hopefully that wasn't a total bore to you all!  I like me some organization with a little efficiency, but I'm a nerd like that.  Like, I get excited about packing cubes.  

Anyway, wish us safe travels, and have a joyful and restful weekend! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm Not That Gross...and a Halfway Recap

Top: H&M
Capris: The Loft, thrifted
Necklace: Anthropologies, gifted
Belt: Kohl's (shop)
Clutch: Macy's, gifted
Wedges: Target (shop)

I know what you're thinking...this is the same shirt from yesterday.  Because it is.  Before going to dinner last night with the hubs I just changed the pants, shoes, belt, bag and necklace...well, okay, everything but the shirt.  But don't worry, it's still from the same day!  :)

Anyway, halfway mark in the 30 for 30!  Here's my recap:

I anticipate the second half being really repetitive, not because I'm out of ideas, but because the weather is unexpectedly heating up and I can't execute any outfits with pants.  Sadness.

ALSO, the hubs and I are going on vacation on Friday to visit our best friends, and it is consistently over 100 degrees where they live.  So...get ready for lots of shorts and tanks and few accessories, people.  The heat is on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Top: H&M
Jeans: Lucky via Nordstrom Rack
Sandals: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Target
Bag: Old Navy (shop)

The other day I met with a friend and did the partial-tuck thing with my shirt and was feeling pretty cool.  (The incident didn't happen in this outfit.  It happened in this one, but today's outfit just reminded me of it.)  But as soon as my friend saw me, she said, "OH, your shirt is doing something weird," and immediately reached over, grabbed my shirt, and yanked it out.  Once she realized that I didn't say thank you, she continued awkwardly, "Oh...unless you wanted it like that..."  I felt violated, but we moved on. 

Now when I walk outside with a partial tuck I have mild anxiety that one of my friends will suddenly pull out my shirt in an attempt to "help" me.  At least I know you fellow bloggers understand what that silly tucking business is about.  Thus...that is why I started a blog.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let's Be Real


Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M
Necklace: Etsy (shop)
Wedges (pic #1): Target (shop)
Sandals (pic #2): Old Navy (shop similar)

When I was in college (10 years ago!  ahem...) I tied scarves in my hair all the time.  My hair was down to my waist and the scarf would be a good little scarf and stay in place.  I haven't worn a scarf on my head since I cut my hair a few years back because 1) it wasn't really cool anymore...or maybe it never was except in my own head, 2) I didn't want it messing with the shape of my haircut, and 3) I didn't think it'd stay put.

I wanted more color on top with this outfit, but it was too hot to wear a scarf around my neck.  I originally wore it as seen in pic #2, and it kinda worked, but let's be real here, people.  You know how I feel about fussy outfits, and my short hair couldn't hold this scarf in place so I was touching my head all morning.  I finally got fed up, took it off, and sentenced that little scarf to being tied around my bag.  Hopefully it learns to behave and we can try again another day. 

Friday, July 1, 2011


Top: Forever 21
Yellow Shorts: Thrifted, Old Navy
Cuff: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Wedges: Target (shop)

I'm DELIGHTED that the weather is heating up.  I'm lucky enough to live a couple of miles away from a gorgeous park (and major tourist attraction) filled with museums and gardens.  I wore this outfit on my day off when I went to that park to read and relax. 

This is what surrounded me...

...for about 45 minutes.  All was tranquil until 50 first graders entered the scene.  Before I knew it, I was surrounded by them as they sought shade to eat lunch under.  I must have been invisible because they didn't seem to care that I was there.  They were about an elbow's reach away from me on all sides, with some even almost sitting on my belongings.  

I guess my floral top was appropriate because I felt like I was getting swarmed by little buzzing bees.

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