Thursday, June 30, 2011

No Fuss

Dress: Banana Republic Factory
Blazer: Target (shop)
Wedges: Target (shop)

When & Where: Worn last Sunday to be a guest worship leader at a church in Madison, WI.

I got back from Madison late last night, and this morning I was kind of a mess.  While eating breakfast I squirt runny egg yolk all over my hands, my arm, and in my hair.  I know, you're jealous of my awesomeness.  I also regularly run into doorways, walls, and furniture and smash my extremities into who knows what.  More jealous now?

Anyway, since I started this style blog and I've been noticing that my style is often times really unfussy.  Give me a dress and some nude wedges, put on some earrings (which never show up in pics), and call it a day.  No fuss here.  I think I need it to be that way because the more jewelry, accessories, or whatever I have on, the more likely it is that I'll get it caught on something, spill food on it, or injure myself with it.  So, for my own safety as well as to protect nice things from my havoc, I'm okay keeping it simple and straightforward.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stripes and Yellow

Top: Forever 21 (shop)
Belt: Target
Jeans: Lucky via Nordstrom Rack
Yellow Flats: DSW

When: Saturday, June 25th
Where: 8 hour long rehearsal!  I was SO thankful I was wearing flats.

This was one of those outfits for the 30 for 30 that I wasn't sure if I'd like in real life, but I ended up really liking it.  It's seems kind of silly that I wouldn't have put together these items because the outfit is so simple, but I'm a creature of habit, so really, if it weren't for the 30 for 30  I probably would have always worn this top like I did here.

Thank you again, 30 for 30.

And sheesh, I am really loving yellow these days!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Airplane Ready

Top: H&M
Cardi: H&M
Jeans: Gap (shop similar)
Belt: Kohl's (shop)
Wedges: Target (shop)
Necklace: Forever 21 (shop)

When: Friday, June 24th

Where: Flying from San Diego, CA to Madison, WI

Hello, folks!  I made it safely to Madison.  During my breaks I've enjoyed reading about your picture taking processes, so thanks for your responses!  :)

For Friday I put together an outfit that was easy and comfortable since I would be traveling all day.  I was also trying to be an efficient packer so I wore wedges instead of flats to save suitcase space.  This would have been okay except that I didn't think about what it might be like to lug my very heavy guitar through three airports in wedges.  I'm guessing that bad boy tacked on another ~20 lbs.  Bad, bad, BAD oversight on my part.  I don't know how I made it, but I did.  Whew.

The outfit is basic and straight forward, but I added a turquoise necklace to spice up the color scheme a lil.   One of my go-to outfits is usually a pair of jeans, if you haven't noticed yet, is a simple top, a colored cardi and maybe a colorful scarf or necklace to add some interest.

Since I enjoyed hearing about all yall's picture-taking, here's another question I have for ya: What are simple ways you all dress up go-to outfits? 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell Me Something...

Dress: Target (shop similar <--that one is clover, mine is aqua)
Bolero: Old Navy (shop)
Yellow Flats: DSW
Belt: H&M

Wanna see something fun?  Sarah from Just Take a Bow and I are remixing the same dress, just slightly different colors.  I think she has the clover one I linked to above, and mine is aqua from last year.  Sarah's spunky and edgy, and we definitely have different styles, so it's fun to see completely different ways to style this dress.  See two ways Sarah styled it here and here.

In other news, I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to wake up at 4:30a tomorrow to catch a 6:30a flight to Madison for work.  This will be my 5th or 6th time going, which is starting to make Madison feel like a second home.

Since I probably won't have time to take pics in Madison, I quickly took a bunch of outfit pics so that I wouldn't fall behind on my 30 for 30 posting.  I hate feeling behind! 

...which leads me to this question.  Tell me, 30 for 30 bloggers, how you have time to take outfit pics everyday.  Especially during the 30 for 30 where it seems like every outfit counts, what do you do with an outfit you've worn that you didn't have time to take pics of?  Re-wear it and snap pics another day?  Just curious.  Tell me your secrets.  :)


Top: Old Navy (shop)
Olive Skirt: Anthro
Belt: Forever 21
Orange Pumps: Urban Outfitters (shop)

I was already planning to wear this outfit for my 30 for 30, but I'm also dedicating this to the Dress Your Best "challenge" by Academichic.

We're supposed to make a list of body parts we love and show them off rather than hiding the parts of ourselves we don't like.  While I do like my boney ole collarbones, I actually chose this for Dress Your Best because it shows off a part of me that I do tend to hide:

This crazy scar.

In the summer of 2001 I underwent scoliosis surgery and earned this scar that actually runs 9 inches long.  The incision itself was a clean line as shown in the pic above, and I actually don't find that to be so bad.  But somewhere along the way my skin got agitated and started to break out in weird additional scarring and patches around the incision...TMI?  Haha, sorry.

At one point the patches spread all over my back and even looked like leopard print, and it was that kind of stuff that made me self-conscious.  It clears and gets worse in waves, and right now it's like only 80% clear but you can't see it since the patches begin just below where this shirt hits.

I mostly get self-conscious when I'm choosing party dresses since they tend to be strapless or have lower backs.  The thought of being at a wedding that includes people I don't know staring at my patchy scarring and wondering about it behind my back, (literally), makes me shy away from exposing it at all.

Coming up on 10 years of having this scar (and the patches), I would like to switch gears to embracing my scar and "wearing" it confidently and proudly rather than hiding it.  It's a part of who I am, so why not embrace it?

Justin Timberlake once said, "Sexy, to me, is the way you carry what you have. I have a big nose, but I rock it."  Right on, JT, right on.  Why should I bother spending anymore energy into hiding my scar, patches and all?  Why NOT just rock it?

Are you dressing your best?  What are you rockin?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You Had Me at Yellow

Top: Target (shop similar)
Jeans: Gap (shop similar)
Belt: H&M
Wedges: Target (shop)
Necklace: thrifted

You can't tell in these pics because my hair always covers up my earrings, but in addition to my newly thrifted necklace and my coral bracelet, I'm wearing huge teal earrings.  I tried to get a good pic, but I didn't have time...(which I will ask you 30 for 30 bloggers about tomorrow).  I'm celebrating a warm San Diego day with my bright yellow tank and big, colorful accessories.

This yellow tank is an instant mood-booster.  Seriously, is it possible to feel depressed when your shirt looks so happy?

I was skeptical of yellow on me.  I think I was turned off because I usually tried on more mustard-like yellows which blended too much with my skin.  But even after I fell in love with this yellow dress back in 2008...

100% silk Maggie London dress...scored for under $20 at Macy's!  

...it didn't click that I needed to go for the brighter shades.  I kept doing the mustard yellow and kept getting disappointed...until I bought that bright yellow tank.   I have been enlightened by bright yellow, and there's no turning back.  I'm smitten.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seafood Salad

Top: Forever 21 (shop similar)
Capris: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Belt: Kohl's (shop)
Orange Pumps: Urban Outfitters (shop)

I wore this outfit while I was at Costco buying a delicious Seafood Salad dip, complete with shrimp, Krab, and creamy roasted garlic dressing.  As I waited in the check out line staring at the Seafood Salad and drooling, I realized that my outfit's color palette resembled that of the Seafood Salad--some pink hues, some cream, and a little bit of orange.  I felt a proud sense of affirmation for a moment...until I questioned whether it was actually a good thing or a bad thing that I looked like seafood dip.  It didn't last long, because one tasty bite of that dip remedied my doubt, and I was proud to look like seafood dip.

ANNDDDD I realize this is the 3rd time I've talked about food on this style blog.  I have no excuses; I just can't help it.  If I had snapped pics of what I did this weekend my posts would have revolved around delectable wedding food and all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ from K-Town in LA.  I really can't help it.  All I can tell you is that I'm sorry, but you should get used to it because this train ain't stoppin anytime soon.

(But seriously, I promise my next couple of posts won't be about food.   :P)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Mini Thrift Heist

Last Friday was the first time I did a legit thrift shop trip.  There are millions of thrift stores in San Diego, but I felt overwhelmed by them.  After going through Jentine's (from My Edit) thrifting tips I felt inspired and a little more prepared to brave the thrift store madness.  That, and I went with another friend who thrifts regularly.  :)

I went in hopeful yet at the same time not expecting to find anything.  After all, it was more for the experience.  We went to two stores and left empty handed, but the 3rd and 4th (yes...there really are a million thrift stores in San Diego) made yesterday a success!

This is what I wore:

Top: H&M
Cardi: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: DSW

It included comfortable flats and a cami underneath the shirt in case the store didn't have dressing rooms.

And, here's what I picked up.  As you can tell, I was on a hunt for coral, pink, and yellow!

Apparently I have an affinity towards the Loft...or they just happen to pump out coral/pink stuff more than other places.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited because I've been looking for pink and yellow bottoms, and here are four of them, all for under $14.

What really excites me, though, are these accessories I got:

Talk about CUTE!  I've also been keeping my eye open for a mustard yellow necklace and one just like the one on the right, AND a belt that was mint green / light blue-ish.  All of this was like a dream come true.  Thrifting success, dontcha think?

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