Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guest Post: See My "Ugly Cute" Dress

The lovely ladies Whitney and Monica of Ask the Duplex invited me to write a post on their blog.  If you haven't visited them before, Ask the Duplex provides a great community of virtual roommates for when you don't have real roommates to ask your fashion questions to.  Monica and Whitney are fantastic and I love the concept of Ask the Duplex!

Today I'm asking the roomies at the Duplex about an "ugly cute" dress that I inherited a year ago and have never worn.  To read more and to see my "ugly cute" dress, head on over to the Duplex!


  1. what a cool concept!  I need one of those sometimes.  Can't wait to read your post Audrey!!

  2. Ah, what a great idea for a blog! Thanks for introducing them... and eating up half my morning looking at their archives :)

  3. Oh, this is such an excellent concept. And I think the dress is great! Blow the dust off and wear it :)

  4. How funny, I have that dress too and never thought of it as "ugly cute". Glad others at the duplex think its just cute too!


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