Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For the Kiddos

Top: Target  |  Vest: Old Navy (shop)  |  Jeans: NY&Co.  |  Wedges: Target (shop)  |  Necklace: Nordstrom

This is one of my kid-friendly outfits.  When I know I'm going to be around kids I definitely avoid silk and other nice fabrics.  I don't know how some moms like Van can wear silk around kids.  You brave, brave souls.

I was eating chips and guacamole with a 3 year old girl.  The little one, full of ambition with eyes bigger than her mouth, scooped her little chip so full of guac that it was overflowing.  "Is your mouth even big enough to chew that?" I asked.  Milking her cuteness, she opened her mouth wide and shoved the chip in as far as it would go.  And yes, she could chew, but only because every time she chewed guac oozed out of her mouth and onto me.  I managed to catch most of the drippings with my hands, but my pants and my shirt also participated.  And that, friends, is why I do not wear silk around kids.


  1. That's a perfect outfit to hanging around tots. My nephew's are such picky eaters, once while sitting in a booth beside me at Friday's DJ was pretending to eat his fries, but was really placing them in my jacket pocket- yikes!

  2. LIV!  HAHA..that is hilarious!  I just laughed out loud at my computer screen!  

  3. I thought so too- but my sister says is bad for me to laugh at stuff like that, because they'll think its playtime- but they're so cute and funny- so I guess I'm one of "those" aunties, lol.

  4. Cute outfit, Audrey! Love the relaxed weekend feel. As for wearing
    non-practical kid clothes, I try to avoid my best stuff around the
    kiddo, but sometimes it's gotta be done because I want to dress for
    myself, rather than around the kid. Also, eventually you come to accept
    that getting dirty is part of being a mom so it's no biggie! I try to
    stick with silks that are hand washable (A++) and there's no stain that
    OXYClean can't get out. Or maybe I've just been lucky...

  5. love the kid-friendly outfit. I once wore a nice silk dress to hang with the kids - trust me it wasnt a pretty picture! I still love the kids though even though the dress was damaged! haha

    xo Nav

  6. hahaha!! yeah, I'm with you! Especially around guac and little kids...meeesssy. :) But cute all the same :)

  7. I love your vest!  I saw it at Old Navy, but I don't think I ever would really know what to wear it with -- but I love this outfit!  It's perfect and casual with still being totally put together!


  8. Awesome visual! I'm with you, I still have no idea how Van manages to dress the way she does each and every day (but I'm taking notes!!)

  9. Ha Ha- I know EXACTLY what you mean. All my outfits (at least over 1/2) are casual and kid friendly. I have a 1 year old & dressing up does absolutely no good!!!

  10. Cute outfit, definitely kid friendly :)

  11. Yes, that's a good kid outfit! :)  I really like the military vest.  Thanks for suggesting Rita Springer on my blog!  I do know her music... in fact one of her songs is on the playlist on my blog... You Are Still Holy.  She speaks to my heart, as does Audrey Assad during this season of my life.  I found and listened to some of your music as well.... you have a beautiful voice! :)

  12. Jaimie, you can wear this vest with everything!  Seriously.  I pretty much have to talk myself out of putting it on every outfit I wear.  Here are two more ways in case you're at all thinking of getting this vest :D  

    Tough and Soft
    I Love Me a Dress and Vest

  13. love this look! vests are so hot for the fall, I love them!

    xo Ashleigh


  14. I love this :)  whenever I wear this vest I end up putting like 20 things in the pockets lol.


  15. Hahahaa cute & funny story. I love guacamole. Love it.

    Also you look adorable as usual, in all your layers. Every single piece you are wearing here would be great for remixing or for a 30 for 30. =)


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