Friday, August 12, 2011

Tough and Soft

Top: Old Navy (shop...on sale for $13 right now!)
Vest: Old Navy (shop)
Jeans: Gap
Wedges: Target (shop)
Belt: H&M
Necklace: won from LuLu's (shop)

There's something fun to me about an army vest with a floral top.  Army inspired pieces make me think kinda tough while florals tend to make me think softer, and I think I'm liking the juxtaposition.

Anyway, as you're reading this, I could very well be at Buffalo Exchange, and I'm excited.  Seeing all these bloggers show off their thrifting finds has inspired me to venture out of my beloved chain stores bit by bit.  Are you proud of me?  Wish me luck!

Today my friend and I will eat Pho, come out smelling a little like B.O. (cuz you KNOW Pho makes your clothes and hair smell...), and head over to Buffalo Exchange.  Then I get to help her shop her own closet to hopefully discover more outfit possibilities!  Look out for a post on that sometime.

Anyone up to anything fun this weekend?


  1. That is the cutest darn outfit ever. You look adorable. I can't wait to see pics of the new outfit possibilites you find!!! Happy Friday :)

  2. Old Navy has been kind to me lately...I haven't been in a little while, but maybe I'll make a trip this weekend. I used to have a difficult time finding things there, but how could I pass up clearance items?! Your outfit is so cute! p.s. I totally blogged about you today :) 

  3. I really like that vest... a lot!

    Good luck thrifting :) I went to my local Goodwill after work and got a few things... I hope you find some treasures!

    xo Teresa

  4. Really cute, Audrey! I like the contrast of feminine and tough. And HIGH-FIVES on making it to Buffalo Exchange! I hope you had some success. How did it go?

  5. I love your vest and I've been trying to find an oversized version of it but I haven't had the best luck. =/

    -Steph from http://chocolatelaced.blogspot.com/

  6. Leigh TheDayLeighSaturday, August 13, 2011

    Gurrrrll, I totally scooped up that ON vest too.  How cute is it!  You're rockin it here.  Love the florals and the belt too.  ;)

  7. Oh, I only wish we had a Buffalo Exchange. Next time I come to SD we're going there!

  8. Aw, love that vest & belt! Super cute outfit. Goooood luck at Buffalo Exchange. Hopefully you'll love it as much as I do :-)

  9. The juxtaposition of your floral top with the military inspired vest make this a great look! I know thinner belts are also in style now, but I really love wide belts like yours, they're definitely a classic.

  10. the belted vest here works so well!  great look!

    dash dot dotty

  11. I LOVE Buffalo. Hopefully it went well for you. Also, how the heck do you make a vest look stylish?

  12. I love this look.  And you look SMOKIN in those jeans.
    Ask the Duplex

  13. Oh Audrey. I'm sad for two reasons- one I just did a post on this vest and how different bloggers have styled it, I wish I had found this blog sooner, so I could feature your photos- you look great. Also I paid full price for this vest ($34), I should have known better, Old Navy & Gap items always get crazy mark down.
    Your Newest Follower,
    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  14. Thanks, Liv!  Thanks for stopping by and for following.  This vest IS totally versatile.  I'm so glad I bought it!  I'm trying to space out the amount I wear it, otherwise I'd just wear it every single day!

  15. I've been following you for a few months now and I'm catching up in your older posts. Your Pho comment is too true. I can always tell when my son has stopped at Noodle 21!


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