Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simple Makeup Organization

Okay, here's the deal.  I've seen really cool makeup organization videos from women who have huge makeup collections stored in a large vanity with drawers, cubbies, shelves, and all else that is an organizer's dream.

I enjoy makeup, and I wear it everyday, but I am far from anything like a makeup artist and I definitely don't have space for a huge vanity.  I own one piece of Mac makeup, and it's because my sister gave it to me. Nonetheless, I still want to keep my makeup orderly and easily accessible.  So here's where I get ready everyday:

 Makeup sits on top of a tall dresser.
Lighted mirror w/ 5x magnification on other side - Costco $20
My general rule of thumb: try to avoid the 5x side.  Not a pretty sight.

Flat, black rectangle is an 88 color shadow palette.  Cost effective way to experiment.

Makeup compartmentalized in a pencil tray - Target $4

From left to right...
Back row: eye shadow, fake eyelashes...never been used, haha
Middle row: eye shadow, powder, blushes, bronzer, etc.
Front row: q-tips & other applicators, lotion, primers & foundation, mascara & lip gloss

Brushes and pencils stored in tin can - Michael's $2
Can filled with bean bag / stuffed animal filler beads - Michael's $7

You crafty people probably have a more legit term for what those beads are called.  :)  I love them because they're smooth and don't scratch the brushes but they hold them upright for easy access! 

A second can of less used brushes sits across the way.

This is an inexpensive way to keep makeup organized for easy access.  It makes my mornings a lot simpler rather than having everything thrown into a drawer for me to fish through!

Thanks for touring my little makeup station!  Anyone else have one they wanna share?


  1. Aww, the pic of you and your husband is too precious.

    And you have so much makeup compared to me! Probably because I don't experiment and just use the same colors everyday until I run out and get more.

    The plastic bead things (i have no idea what they're called either) are so smart! I had never thought of using those :) Too bad I only use like 2 brushes, so I don't really need that. haha! :)

  2. You are so organized!
    Ask the Duplex 

  3. I'm with Kimmie, the first thing I noticed was the sweet wedding photo.  :)  I am THE WORST at beauty organization, I have plastic tubs/boxes that everything is haphazardly thrown into, but this post is seriously inspiring to me!  A PENCIL ORGANIZER, why did I not think of that??  And the beads to keep the brushes up is genius!

  4. I think this is the most effective makeup organization I have seen to date. I am all about creative ways to save money and still be stylish while organizing. Kudos to you!

  5. I have a very similar setup! I learned quick that I almost ALWAYS forget what makeup I have if I put it all in drawers. 

  6. This is great!  I love it!  Do you find your stuff gets dusty easily though?  Just a thought :)

  7. WOW Your Makeup looks so organized and beautiful at the same time. I love it. =) It looks like inside a store, a very expensive department store for that matter, especially your brushes. Let me say I love that wedding photo, also.

  8. if you have friend who uses formula, ask them for empty cans.
    1. take paper off
    2. spray paint whatever color your heart desire...... are decorate however
    3. fill with rice or those bead thingys
    4. put what you want in them

    i am not crafty just really cheap....lol :)

  9. I have that same mirror! It's awesome!

    You should check out my Makeup Storage post! The Container Store has some great options that are really affordable!


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