Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Piece Many Ways: My Oh-So-Popular Target Dress

Dress: Target (shop)

Yes, yes...you should know by now that I'm a major Target junkie and that this is one of my new favorite Target dresses.  And as I wrote about here, apparently I'm not the only one who likes this dress.  In fact, while I was at Target this week I saw yet another woman purchasing this dress.  Could I blame her?  Of course not.  But I do hope that I never run into her at a BBQ wearing it at the same time.

ANYWAY, since there's a high probability that I could find myself surrounded by other Target-loving women who will be wearing this dress, I thought I'd offer some ideas on how it (or any other dress, really) can be worn in different ways.  Here are just a few of them!

The Looks

Look #1:  statement necklace + dressy heels
Where:  I would this to a nice dinner or maybe even to a semi-formal outdoor wedding.  I find myself at a lot of those here in San Diego...and everywhere else, actually.  We were invited to 13 weddings this year alone!

Look #2: belt over a cardigan
I wear almost any dress with tights + boots in the fall and the San Diego "winter."  :P  A lot of different colored cardis would go with this dress.  Once I get my hands on a mustard cardi I'd do that with this dress for a funkier color combo.

I don't work in an office, but sometimes I like to pretend I do.  :)  When it's one of those days, I'd try the cardi + belt with close-toed pumps.

I'd also wear the cardi + belt with flats.

Look #3:  flats + cropped jacket
This is a more casual look.  I like pairing this with colors that pop, like turquoise and yellow.

Look #4: belt + sandals
I love the ease of this neutral belt.  I'd really wear this anywhere in San Diego on a normal day-to-day basis.  Casual, yet easy and fuss-free.

There are so many possibilities!  A black button-up collared shirt with tights, pumps, and a belt.  Black peep-toe pumps, tights, and a black cropped jacket with some bling.  A blazer and heels for a classic look.  It seems endless.

And that is why this is a new favorite dress...even if a million women across America have it.  :)

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  1. Great post!  Love how you showed us 4 different ways to style this dress.


  2. Thanks for this post! I don't have a Target dress like that but I do have a similar little red dress. I'm excited to try & style it a few of these ways.

  3. Yes, you could actually try any of these with any dress!

  4. Ok ok, seriously you have such great taste and style!! That's always my problem with shopping at Target. I'm afraid someone else (or multiple people) will be wearing the same thing...and I don't mind really, but I do like a personalized look more than a matchy-matchy look. :) I love every single way you styled that dress...but the tights are my favorite.

  5. Love it!

    I love when you can make either spring/summer pieces into fall pieces.

  6. Too cute!  I bought this dress in teal color (too funny, our posts are similar today :). Just like you I'm excited about many different ways it can be styled. Love me some Target :)

  7. You should link this on my Remixin' Vixen link up :) I love to figure out lots of ways to wear an item, this is a super cute dress! All the looks are great on you.

    xo Teresa

  8. I personally love Look #2.  I can never say no to an outfit with tights, boots, belt, and dress.  It's always a perfect outfit to me. 

    Complex Cardigans

  9. I love your dress and all of the styling options you picked!  It's the perfect year-round piece.

  10. If only every item of clothing could be this versatile! I love all the ways you styled this dress, and I didn't notice until the fourth picture that it has POCKETS! And as we all know, pockets make everything infinitely better :) Seriously though, I don't think there's any danger of you not standing apart from everyone else who bought this dress. Way to make it your own!

  11. Aw, thanks Jodi!  The tights are my fave too.  I just love a dress with tights and boots.

  12. Haha!  I totally bought the teal one too.  (Yes, I'm one of those peeps who buys in multiples...)  Not sure if I'm keeping it yet, but that shade if teal is my FAVE color.  You look fantastic in it!

  13. I'd love to link it up on Remixin' Vixen!  I plan to do more of these posts in the future too, because I really enjoy when others people do them.  

  14. Seriously.  I just love love love tights, boots, and a dress.  Magnifique.  

  15. You are so cute! I love each one of those looks, I can't even pick my favorite. The last is how I've been wearing most of my dresses this Summer, but I love the boots/cardi look for the Fall! (And, now I'm seriously considering a trip to Target to check out that dress, so we could be twins at the next bbq together! ha!)

  16. I have that dress! I wear it all the time, always with a different accessory. I've worn it very very close to the same ways you showed above! Turquoise is my favorite with the pretty purple.

  17. I have a love and appreciation for Target dresses too!!! :)  I get all mine from the 75% off rack!  :D  You presented some great ideas to change it up!  The belted cardigan outfit looks perfect for fall!  

  18. May I suggest one more way? take a solid button down oxford and leave it open (unbuttoned) but tie the front ends to sench in waist which leaves the fab color of the dress visible in the front. also a necklace about 22 inches or longer would work with the oxford/dress combo.

  19. Keep these ideas coming!!! I have found myself in a situation where transformation of the wardrobe hangs on the re-invention of my existing wardrobe. Sooooo...buying new items isn't an option.

  20. Like I said you have super cute Target dresses. This is one of my most favorite fashion posts of yours because I love remixing. I love every single way you remixed this but prefer #1 & #2 Best. I would wear the first look to a cocktail party, the club or a wedding (an outdoor summer wedding was exactly what I thought too). I would wear looks #2 & #3 to work mostly, as well as for a dinner and/or movies date afterwards. My dress code at work is business casual so both of those looks would work. The last look I would wear to a BBQ, for shopping, for a luncheon, a baby/bridal shower, or to a relaxed summer dinner. =)


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