Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired by Reese

I'm simultaneously kind of proud and ashamed to admit that I'm in head-to-toe Target.  Dress, earrings, wedges.  Everything except for my bracelet-watch.  What can I say?  I shop at chain-stores and I'm a Target junkie.

I wore this the day I was Hannah's personal stylist.  It's not intentional, but I think I was channeling Reese Witherspoon's look:

If I had to dress like one celebrity for the rest of my life, it'd probably be Reese.  She's always looking cute, casual, and classy but she's not too flashy.  (That rhymes.  Teehee.)  Anyone else have celebrity fashion inspirations?

Another reason to love Reese is because one of my favorite candies is Reese's Pieces.  I think that's a sign.

(BTW, what do you think of dresses with built-in tie-belts?  I'm not a fan because I can't wear my own belt which limits my options.  This belt fabric is sewn onto the front and is detached starting at the hips and ties in the back.  Should I cut it off?  Or at least sew the rest of the fabric around the back so the band is uniform around the whole dress?  Help me, you wonderful refashion bloggers.)

pleated poppy


  1. I am a huge fan of the high waisted skirt and the tie in the back really adds to it, although I agree, I love my belts and the tie does limit the use of them, but (if I can) I'll just tie it around my waist twice and put the belt on over.



  2. I love Reese too - her clothes, but also her hair. I have definitely carried in pictures of her to the salon :)

  3. Ooh, yeah.  I suppose I could just wrap the fabric belt and pin it in place too, to put a belt over it.  Thanks Leah!

  4. I'm not a big fan of un-removable ties on a dress.  I think you should sew it around so that the waistband is continuous all the way around.  That way you could totally belt it any way you want.  But I do love the dress though. 

  5. No shame in loving target! They have cute stuff- like this dress :)

  6. Personally, I like tie belts, but I usually like to tie them in the front as to not have a big knot on my back when I'm leaning against a chair.

    I'd probably just sew it into a solid loop :)

    AND, we're totally shoe twins! I just bought those Target wedges last week and dying to wear them! Are they comfortable?

  7. Red wedges are fun, aren't they?  They are...mostly comfortable.  I have Target shoes that are definitely more comfy than these, but I think it might be my foot in particular or just this specific shoe I got.  I think part of the stitching sticks out next to my left little toe and it was totally abrasive on my toe.  I think a small bandaid to pad that one teensy section will fix it though!

  8. I have that same dress! Haven't worn it in a while, but I seem to recall styling with a wide belt. I also, think it's well made. Love how you wore it with the red wedges. Inspiring me to pull my dress out again. P.S. - I love Reese, too. And for all different reasons, am also a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker (classic), Zooey Deschanel (vintage) and Kate Hudson (boho).
    Van // The Clothes We Wear // Wearing motherhood with style.

  9. Oh my gosh! You're so cute...all the time! I love this outfit and love Reese AND love Target. It's like we're the same. haha! Just kidding. I had the same problem with a dress of mine. The fabric belt that's sewn in and detaches in the back...not my favorite. I was going to cut mine too, but then my sister-in-law liked the dress and I thought I'd pass it on to her. I'm curious about what you end up doing in case I get another fabric belted dress. :)

  10. That dress is from Target?  It looks amazing!  I usually have pretty good luck with shoes from there, they have surprisingly nice styles that are comfortable as well :)  You did a great job recreating your inspiration picture, Reese is so great!

    and Match Fashion

  11. That dress is SO great. I know what you mean with the built in belt, but I think it is really cute and I think I would keep it.

    Ask the Duplex

  12. love this, there's no shame in wearing head-to-toe target!  i've had my eye on those same wedges in black in the clearance section, i think i might have to go back for them!

  13. Hi! Just stopping by from WIWW.   With just two simple items (dress and wedges), you look perfectly put together.  The accessories are a nice, happy touch. 

  14. Oh man, Heidi...you have no idea how many times I've had to refrain from buying the black ones too.  DO IT, girl.

  15. Truth be told, I've had this dress for a year and I think I've only worn it one other time.  But I think that will change a lot this year!

  16. Target or not, your outfit is cute! If you want your dress to be slightly more versatile, definitely cut the tie off and maybe make a headband out of the leftover material?

  17. You are so cute and so it that outfit! I like to wear my own belts, too, but with it sewn on that much that's a hard one. I think it looks super cute with the built in belt!

    Reese is adorable and I love her style! I wrote a post awhile back about how Zooey Deschanel is my style inspiration. I love her vintage, girly style!

  18. I rarely purchase dresses/skirts with built-in belts and when I do, I usually replace them with my own. And you're so right about Reese's style - she's one of those rare Hollywood blondes that doesn't go crazy on the spray tan and sexy stuff. Admirable, I say.

  19. I love your style girl!!!  So so cute!  

    So happy to have met you at BlogHer!!! Can't wait to read more. xoxo

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