Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Twins? No thanks.

Dress: Target (shop)
Sandals: Old Navy
Belt: Forever 21

I seriously love this dress.  The problem is that apparently other people do too.  In just the last week I've already seen this dress on two other women, one of whom was at a BBQ at my cousin's house.  I'm SO glad I wasn't wearing this dress at that BBQ.  There were only 15 people there and I didn't really know her and somehow the intimate setting and the not knowing her thing makes the situation even more awkward.  You know what I'm saying?  Like, I wouldn't have been able to avoid her if I'd tried.  Has that ever happened to you?  What do you even do in a sitch like that?


  1. I remember that happening to me years ago more than once , so I'm really lovin' my mostly thrifted style at this point. I avoid that problem entirely because far fewer pieces of my clothing were mass-produced and even fewer are still being worn. And if they are, the old ladies and I style 'em differently, haha.

  2. I love it too! But this post is the very reason for the development of my thrifting addiction! I get weird seeing my clothes on other people. I went to a party and pulled out a dress from two seasons ago, yet I still saw a girl at that party with my dress on! (And it was a lot more flattering on her, but that could just be my insecurities speaking.) But I ducked and slickly tip toed away so she wouldn't have to bear with the embarrassment as I just did. I guess you can call me considerate. :)

    -Steph from http://chocolatelaced.blogspot.com/

  3. haha! I can totally relate! I love to thrift most of my clothes, but there are many a Target dress that I can't pass up! Once when I was wearing the same thing as someone else, I just put my cardigan on and buttoned it...so it looked more like a skirt and shirt and no one could really tell. :)

  4. I like when it happens! We can all complement each other on our impeccable taste!

  5. I definitely agree with Anna... you might connect over your excellent taste in clothes. :0

  6. I think that's because its a great dress in such a fantastic color.  I like the pairing with the neutral belt and shoes. Very nice!

  7. I almost bought that same dress, too, but they ran out of my size and the other color didn't quite suit me. it looks better on you, though.


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