Friday, July 8, 2011

Putting Together My Suitcase

It hasn't even really registered to me that B (husband) and I are flying out to spend a week with our best friends!  After that, we're stopping to see our parents, so we'll be gone for nearly 2 weeks. 

It's normal for me to have to pack a suitcase anywhere from 1 to 3 times a month to travel for work, weddings, or vacation.  In honor of our upcoming vacation I thought I'd give you a peek into my suitcase.

I packed more for this trip than I normally pack because we'll be hiking and playing in lakes and waterfalls.  I'll be wearing wedges, my bulkiest shoes, on the airplane, and a pair of jeans.

Accessories.  I love compartmentalizing, so I stuck bracelets and necklaces in their own bags.  My friend gave me the jewelry holder and I always use it to pack earrings.  I think it was from H&M a few years ago.  It also has slots to keep delicate necklaces and bracelets untangled, but I don't own any of those... :)

As you can see, my hairdryer is a beast, but I can't live without it.

I get excited every time I pull out these packing cubes.  They don't necessarily save more space (nor do they fill up more space) but they keep things delightfully organized in my suitcase.  It also makes it easier for me to live out of my suitcase during my trip. 

Top packing cube: Undergarments, swimsuit, socks, workout/athletic clothes, pajamas
Lower packing cube: 2 layers of rolled clothes

The cubes come in various sizes as well! (shop)

 This is the bottom layer of my carry-on.  One packing cube fits perfectly in half of my carry-on.  Sometimes I line my running shoes around the perimeters of my suitcase, but that doesn't work as well with my hairdryer.  I think I tucked jewelry into the nooks and crannies.

Top layer!  Red bag is toiletries.  The second packing cube went on top of the shoes and hairdryer.  Two packing cubes would easily fit on top of each other with ample room, but I like to alternate the hard items and soft items (clothes) because if fits better and I like the idea of providing some cushion for the hard items in my suitcase.

And there's still room leftover for my phone and camera chargers.  Yay!

Hopefully that wasn't a total bore to you all!  I like me some organization with a little efficiency, but I'm a nerd like that.  Like, I get excited about packing cubes.  

Anyway, wish us safe travels, and have a joyful and restful weekend! 


  1. I have never seen such an organized suitcase.  And that jewelry holder is AMAZING.

    Ask the Duplex

  2. i second what monica said, your jewelry holder is amazing.  what a great way to pack dangly earrings.  do you know the brand or where your friend purchased it?  have a safe & fun trip!

  3. Kemi SorinmadeFriday, July 08, 2011

    Hi Audrey,
    I just stumbled upon your blog. really nice and I thought to my self, this is my style, she's modest and then I read on and saw that you're christian. I'm a christian too and worship leader. Love your outfit posts. I just came back from San Diego. I love love that place. Check out my new blog

  4. You pack very efficiently!  I haven't tried packing cubes, but I love the idea of organizing stuff with compartments.  Hope you have a fun, safe, trip!

  5. I LOVE packing posts.  I don't have cubes, but I just try to keep anything and everything in zipperd pouches.  It makes everything so much more organized.  The jewelry organizer is pretty awesome, as well.  I usually travel with my jewelry in ziplock bag... or I skip bringing jewelry all together.  Safe travels!

  6. I like to see how other people pack. This is especially true since I just returned from a two week vacation myself! Looks like you're gonna maximize your time for fun since you won't be hunting for your things. (:

  7. Yes, the jewelry holder is quite helpful with earrings.  I think she said she just bought it at H&M, but this was back in 2007. 

  8. I have those exact same packing cubes! Well, almost. Pink was the only color available when I ordered mine; I like your green ones much better. They really do help keep your suitcase organized and make it easier to get to stuff. Also I like that you can throw them in a drawer once you get to your hotel and not have to worry about what other stuff has been in there, since your stuff is "protected" by the packing cube. I always pack my blow dryer too, I find hotel ones are never powerful enough.

  9. I think my husband appreciates the green packing cubes over the pink cubes too.  

  10. I have those exact eBags packing cubes! hehe
    Adding you to the blogs I read! :-)

  11. Just ordered the packing cubes AND a new suitcase.  Great post; thank you.

  12.  I have never even heard of packing cubes - I will have to find them now... haha!

  13. I really like this post! And I love the cubes... I've never seen them... but I MUST get them! I try to be as organized as possible and I hate that when I leave I feel everything is nicely organized in my bag, but then when I have to pull things out it just goes all over the place. I'm actually traveling back home for a week next month and this post was so helpful! Thanks again! :)


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