Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magical Shorts

This is another outfit I wore a while ago but forgot to post.  It was one of those hot weekends where you could hardly stand to have anything touching your body.  Somehow I managed to tolerate a necklace.

These shorts amuse me because they're linen and have every type of closure imaginable--a zipper, a hook-and-eye, a button, and faux drawstrings...and if that weren't enough, the whole waistband is elastic.  Like gym shorts.  When I wear these I feel like I'm cheating because they're so comfy, but if I can feel like I'm wearing gym shorts and still look presentable, I'll take it.  The best part is that I can wear these shorts instead of wearing maternity pants when I want to stuff myself beyond belief.


  1. hahah!  I always wear a dress or skirt with a little "give" when I want to stuff myself with delicious food.  Good to know someone else has a go-to clothing item when they're in the same situation. :)

  2. Ok so where did those magical shorts come from? I seriously can not and haven't ever been able to find shorts that are both comfortable and fit. Your's are so so cute!

  3. Way to look chic during this awful heat dome. I've been dying lately in my long pants (I know, crazy). Shorts and a tee are far better replacements :)

  4. They're from Forever 21, my dear!

  5. Wow, that is a lot of closure hardware! Teehee, I guess they are the universal shorts! They look cute on you though!

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