Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cardigan Addiction

Okay, it's true.  I'm addicted to cardigans.  It all started because I'm always cold and in need of another layer, but then H&M and their vast array of colored cardigans moved into town a few years ago and I haven't been the same since.

When I first bought this cardigan I didn't know what I'd do with it.  In this picture it looks kind of teal, but in real life it's a bright, almost 80's kind of green.  I was inspired to keep it because J from J's Everyday Fashion posted this outfit with the exact same cardigan.  When I asked her what else she was going to pair it with she said, "Honestly, I don't know but I'm loving color these days so I'm sure I'll find something!"  I kept it even though I didn't know how I'd use it, added it to my 30 for 30, and have found it to be pretty useful.

You would think that's a good thing...but perhaps not...because it gives me confidence that I can buy more colored cardigans for no reason and will probably find uses for them.  Oh well, on with the addiction!


  1. i have admired that cardigan on j and love how you have worn it as well.  i think it looks great with that top (which i love too, by the way!  wish i'd snapped it up when it was still in stores!).

  2. I also have a cardigan addiction . . . actually just bought one yesterday!

  3. Cardigans are so sensible and comfortable and fun! I think if you have to have an addiction, this one is a-okay, hehe.

  4. I love how you styled your cardigan, the teal color looks great with your floral blouse!  I definitely agree that cardigan's are great year-round because of arctic air conditioning.

  5. Cardigans are the best! Not only for the warmth factor, but they can completely transform an outfit. I love this one, it's such a bright color! It's goes so well with the contrasting paler nude hues!


  6. Target all the way. They sell cardigans in every colour of the rainbow. I love the teal cardi with the patterned shirt, it's a very visually pleasing look!

  7. Beautiful! I think that cardi would look amazing with the magenta dress from yesterday.
    I know what you mean, back when I was working, I had a million cardis for summer because no matter how hot it was outside, the office was always somewhere right above freezing!

  8. You know, I had that H&M cardigan when I lived in Germany. I used to wear it with my brown work pants and a tank I also got there that was a much lighter version (x10) of the same color. I always felt pretty in it. 

  9. I've just discovered your blog and I'm loving it! thanks for the tips - i was looking for x2 new cardigans for fall and I did some extensive research and i just wanted to share a tip - try wool lovers.com - they have a deal going now until the 5th april for x2 cardigans (cotton/silk or cashmere/merino or wool) for $58!


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