Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tell Me Something...

Dress: Target (shop similar <--that one is clover, mine is aqua)
Bolero: Old Navy (shop)
Yellow Flats: DSW
Belt: H&M

Wanna see something fun?  Sarah from Just Take a Bow and I are remixing the same dress, just slightly different colors.  I think she has the clover one I linked to above, and mine is aqua from last year.  Sarah's spunky and edgy, and we definitely have different styles, so it's fun to see completely different ways to style this dress.  See two ways Sarah styled it here and here.

In other news, I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to wake up at 4:30a tomorrow to catch a 6:30a flight to Madison for work.  This will be my 5th or 6th time going, which is starting to make Madison feel like a second home.

Since I probably won't have time to take pics in Madison, I quickly took a bunch of outfit pics so that I wouldn't fall behind on my 30 for 30 posting.  I hate feeling behind! 

...which leads me to this question.  Tell me, 30 for 30 bloggers, how you have time to take outfit pics everyday.  Especially during the 30 for 30 where it seems like every outfit counts, what do you do with an outfit you've worn that you didn't have time to take pics of?  Re-wear it and snap pics another day?  Just curious.  Tell me your secrets.  :)


  1. I'm a busy mama and there are days where I'm out with my son or at meetings with Clients and have no time to take photos. I usually snap photos, while he's napping, but he has days where he skips it entirely. I don't sweat it. The 30 for 30 isn't timed and truthfully, not every outfit I put on is really something to sing about. If I don't get a chance to photograph an exciting outfit, I'll wear it again another day and take photos. In fact, I have a back log of outfits that haven't been posted and they may or may not make it on my blog. That is that.

    For me, blogging is a hobby and my one rule is to have fun. If it's a chore or stressful, then fugettaboutit! I love that some bloggers take all their outfit photos on the weekend and post throughout the week. I love that you took a bunch before your trip. It's great to see the various ways people approach blogging. Great question, Audrey!

    Van // The Clothes We Wear
    Wearing motherhood with style.

  2. im way too busy to snap away everyday plus its winter here and dark when i leave home and way too dark when I get back so im taking pics on the weekend and on my days off - ive been sick all week so have been in pyjamas and sweats...back to it soon!

  3. i really love that dress, i have the green (clover?) one in my target.com shopping cart hoping it'll go on sale!  it really is so flattering though and can easily be styled so many different ways.  i might just have to get it!

  4. I am so dying to wear turquoise and yellow together, I really need some bright happy flats like yours!  And Audrey I definitely WILL put an outfit back on and go snap pics later if I really liked it.  Usually on a weekend or off-day when I can change back into my sweats :)

  5. I also try to bunch up photos when I have time. I feel good about knowing that I have some pics in store, just in case. And surely there will be days when you do not have time to take photos. By the way, I love your blogg!

  6. It's usually like $20 or something, and a week after I bought it last year I saw it on sale for $18.  Not much of a sale, but I actually bought two of them (!!) so I brought my receipt up and had the sale retroactively applied.  You could wait it out for a bigger sale, but don't let your size run out! 

  7. OMG, a comment from the Monkey herself.  I. am. speechless.  :) 

    For some reason turquoise and yellow on you sounds so fitting.  I'm looking forward to seeing it on you!

  8. Love, love, love the colour of that dress. It's so bright and happy with the yellow flats!

  9. Hey, lady, I like your dress. Hehe. I totally have the clover one (the aqua is so much flashier, though. Poo.) and maybe I'll need to steal a remixing idea from you at some time. Since I'm gonna be away from blogger soon, I've been trying to take photos obsessively. Like day outfit and out with friends outfit = two sets of photos in one day, so I can build up a little stock. But it is hard and after this challenge I'll be back to the every other day posting, I believe.

  10. in my experience for the 30 for 30, i try my best to take it everyday, but i don't beat myself up if i don't have time.  in those instances, i'll just throw it back on the next day and take the photo after shooting the one for the day.  as a matter of fact, i need to do that today :)

  11. You have certainly become one of my favorite blogs. I just went through all your posts (I started blogging a few days earlier than you did) Your style is what I'm aiming for mine to be by next summer. Really effortless and carefree but fun and quirky. :)

    -Steph from http://chocolatelaced.blogspot.com/

  12. I love the color of that dress!

    And I don't have time to take pictures... which is why I only update once a week, LOL.


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